Monday, December 19, 2005

The Whipping Room -- A Poem

So the following poem was inspired by two things: 1) the honorable Roy Moore's (very same judge responsible for the abortion poem that inspired my own abortion poetry, as well as the guy who so valiently fought secularism and refused to remove the 10 commandment monument from his court house) new book, where he talks about being spanked with hickory switches and 2) spending time with my younger nieces and nephews, all of whom have been spoiled rotten and are incredibly disobedient.

The Whipping Room

Children, children!
Disobey, disobey
And it’s off to the
Whipping room
You’ll go!

The whipping room,
The whipping room:
One wall of belts and whips,
The other of
hickory switches and sticks!

Children, children!
There are lessons
To be learned;
Learn them not
And it’s off to the
Whipping room
You’ll go!

The whipping room,
The whipping room:
One wall of belts and whips,
The other of
hickory switches and sticks!

Children, children!
Lesson number one:
Speak out of turn
And there you’ll sit,
Alone, in the dark
Surrounded by
Hickory switches and sticks!

In the whipping room,
The whipping room:
Where disobedient children
Learn to repent
And many days are spent!

Children, children!
Lesson number two:
Take the Lord’s
Name in vain
And down comes
A cane!

In the whipping room,
The whipping room:
Where good children
Will learn respect,
And where bad
the Devil will collect!

Children, children!
Lesson number three:
Don’t dare curse,
Or down comes a whip,
And lashes, lashes
To your back and hip!

In the whipping room,
The whipping room:
One chair for
Children to sit --
Sit and wait
To be spanked and hit!

Children, children!
Lesson number four:
For those that fight,
Lashes and canings
For an entire night!

In the whipping room,
The whipping room:
One picture on the wall –
Only the Lord Jesus
Standing tall!

Children, children!
Lesson number five:
When all else fails
The room will crawl
With insects, and
Unrepentant liars
Shall be smothered in spiders!

In the whipping room,
The whipping room:
One wall of belts and whips,
The other of
hickory switches and sticks!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Cleansing a Sick Nation

A Hearty and Heartfelt Good Morning Fellow Christian Soldiers!!

I certainly hope (and expect) that most of you understand the absolute truth that our lives were given to us by the Lord our God. As long as you are living on this earth you belong to God, no matter abhorrent you may be. He is the One who gave us our existence on this earth and He is the One who can take it away. When the good Lord chooses to take us away, how we spend eternity will depend on the decisions that we make in this life, and those decisions are entirely ours to make. Those decisions will result in either our everlasting life or our everlasting destruction. The same holds true for this nation. This nation, the United States of America, belongs to God. He is the one who gave this nation its existence, and He is the one who can take it away. The decision as to whether we continue to exist as a nation rests entirely with us as a people. We can continue along our current path into oblivion, or we can rebuild our society and our government from the ground up. We can either end up on the ash-heap of human civilization, along with the many other nations that have been cast onto that ash-heap throughout the ages, or we can raise ourselves up from the ashes, into a new era of righteousness and glory.

God gave our forefathers this land because we were once a righteous Christian people. He gave us this land because it was rightfully ours. We were the rightful heirs - Christian, pure, virtuous, and true. God saw the tree-worshiping natives, with their evil pagan rituals. He saw the senseless preservation of the bounties of the land, bounties that should have been exploited to the fullest extent imaginable. He saw the senseless communal spirit of their depraved and retched societies, a communal spirit that has the exact same societal underpinnings as communism, socialism, liberalism, environmentalism, and pluralism. He saw the idol worship, the spirit worship, the worshiping of the land and tress. He saw all of these things, and He sent forth our forefathers to purge the land from sea to shining sea, to cleanse it, and to establish a new Christian nation, one of righteousness and purity. I have spoken, at length, of the great Christian nation that was established, with the grace of the Lord, to replace and annihilate the heathen native tribes. And what a Christian nation it was!!! It was truly a sight to behold!!!

Good Christian Soldiers!!! - The United States of this modern day is a different nation from the United States of the days of yore. The United States of this modern day is no longer a strong nation, in the sense of morality and Christian values. It is a sick nation. It is diseased. It is infested - infested by liberals, secularists, atheists, pagans, and witches. The great pillars of our society are crumbling. They are crumbling Christian soldiers. And the end is near...

We must not lose hope. We can live to see a brighter day, Christian soldiers. We will take back this nation, piece by piece, one state at a time, one town at a time, and one family at a time. There will be a major turning point in the future, a day of reckoning, where our fate will be set. There will be no turning back. This nation will be either destined for the ash-heap or destined for glory. There will be no intermediate fate. In order to prepare for this day there must be a cleansing. The purging of our society must begin! Everyone who lives under the cover of immorality must be brought down. They must be cast out. The disease, the must be exterminated. Only then, can we, the rightful heirs, reclaim our nation.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Fighting Tumors With Tumors

I'm sorry, dear readers, that I have not been the active blogger I'm so inspired to be of late, but the last two weeks have been filled fighting the War on Christmas and steady advance of the homosexual agenda. But I just read these two things and was inspired to post, however brief. The tragedy of the tumor girl is undoubtable, and I wish her a speedy recovery. But something can be learned from her suffering, mainly an appropriate punishment for one of the most devastating cancers that infects this society: scientists, specifically stem cell researchers. Yes, doctors such as the lying and cheating Korean who so impressed the devil by cloning dogs and human embryos should be punished, punished by cloning some of their DNA using stem cells and grafting it on to their face until it grows into a gigantic tumor. The way I envision it, it will eventually grow into something not unlike that little Martian beast, Cuato, in Total Recall (the Arnold Shwarzenegger movie) -- the one that was embedded in another guys stomach and had mystical powers. Not that our tumor would talk, but if eventually we could perfect the method such that we were able to grow a mutant clone on evil scientists' heads that COULD talk, perhaps acting like an angel on their shoulders, directing them towards Jesus, that would be great. I was also thinking that, assuming we could perfect the mutant talking tumor, it would be a great punishment for those that willfully refuse Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and then insist on spreading filth. It's a very bad punishment, I know, which is why, of course, it would be used sparingly, mostly on those that play an extremely proactive role in promoting secularism, like George Soros, Madonna, and most Canadians. Just imagine the glory we would find with God if we placed mutant tumors on these sinners' heads, tumors that were able to constantly preach the Word of God to their hosts. A very fitting punishment, indeed.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Harvest of Souls (A Short Hymn)

A Hearty and Heartfelt Good Morning to all Fellow Christian Soldiers!

As I said previously, the blasphemy that I have been reading in the many comments concerning the posts on this site has been very disturbing, but hardly surprising. What I find particularly unacceptable is the degree of cynical, belligerent sarcasm in some of the comments. For instance, one youngster simulated clapping hands, and said "Bravo Parnell, Bravo", immediately followed by ruthless accusations. Perhaps, most disturbing of all are the accusations by many that this site is a not genuine - that it is a joke. I do believe that those of you who commit these acts of willful and premeditated blasphemy are lacking proper spiritual authority in your lives. I wrote previously about the need for canings as punishment for acts of willful and premeditated blasphemy. But, my oh my!!! - I’ve come to realize, in my virtuous and true wisdom, that your needs for proper spiritual authority go so very far beyond that!!! You need a harsh, strict, severe, and righteous patriarch, such as Nathaniel and/or myself to guide you and show you the righteous way. What this country and indeed, this world, needs is a great harvest of lost souls to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This harvesting will be undertaken by great and righteous patriarchs such as Nathaniel and myself. I want your souls to become part of this great and glorious harvest!!! However, in order to find God and tread along the righteous path away from eternal hellfire and toward Salvation you will need a patriarch to provide the harsh and severe spiritual authority that your lost souls so desperately need! I have composed a brief hymn as a first step toward leading you wretched, Godless young sinners away from the evils of liberalism, secularism, and witchcraft. Therefore, forlorn young sinners, I give you the hymn!!!

Behold now children, Behold!
The Lord doth beckon,
Come hither and behold,
Thou shalt submit unto the Lord!

Children, Children,
Do not turn away,
Come hither and Behold!
The Glory of the Lord!

Your former hopes have fled,
Your terror now begins!
Saviour of these sin-sick souls,
Let the harvesting begin!

You were born into this world,
A world that leads ye astray
Depraved and wretched sinners
Your time is running short!

Your former hopes have fled,
Your terror now begins!
Saviour of these sin-sick souls,
Let the harvesting begin!

Give ye faith to make thee whole,
Take away thine inbred sin!
Savior of these sin-sick souls,
Let the harvesting begin!

Obey now Children, Obey,
Submit unto the Lord
Saviour of these sin-sick souls,
Let the harvesting begin!

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Someone recently commented on the site:
"Talk to a man from the Vietnam
Talk to a man from the Sea
Talk to a woman who's been abused
Talk to a woman who's been through childbirth
Talk to a person who was beaten as a child
Talk to a woman who threw a way her virginity and hates herself for it
Talk to man who's had everything taken away from him, his family, his dignity, his friends, his joys, his dreams, and his hope.

Then consider posting a site about your absolutes in beliefs"

I personally know at least one person fitting each of those descriptions. Yet I still see things in terms of absolutes. One must think in terms of absolutes, for to do otherwise will inevitably lead to moral decay, as can be seen throughout the world. Where would you draw the line and who draws such a line when values are fudged or expanded simply because we don't want to offend someone who believes their sin is okay? That is the way cancer spreads: mutant cells are allowed to exist in the body, allowed to spread their mutation, and end up destroying us. Sinners do the same thing to our society. But doctors cut out cancer, they bombard it with radiation. If a doctor refuses such a treatment, ignoring the cancer or relying simply on faith to cure it, he or she is negligent and can be sued. Moral relativists are like the negligent doctor, like Doctors of Satan. They refuse to cut out the cancer of society. They nurture it instead of cutting it out, instead of punishing it, instead of bombarding it with the Word of God, which is like radiation to sin. So sin weighs on our society like tumor. But Doctor's of Satan should not be sued; they should be punished the way sinners should be punished. At the very least we should do to them what we do to negligent doctors: not let them practice. They should be banned from the public discourse on morality. Their opinions regarding abortion, gay marriage, pornography, etc. are as worthy as those of a negligent doctor's medical opinion. Unfortunately, the way things stand with the rampant secularism that has overtaken our society, those of us who try to cut out the cancer -- we Doctors of Christ -- are treated like outcasts, like faith-healers. So the cancer spreads, and at a certain point it will be too late to cut it out.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Taking Back What Was Once Ours

"The Constitution of the United States, for instance, is a marvelous document for self-government by the Christian people. But the minute you turn the document into the hands of non-Christian people and atheistic people they can use it to destroy the very foundation of our society. And that's what's been happening."
-- Pat Robertson, The 700 Club, Dec. 30, 1981

Good Christian Soldiers!!! I ask that you heed those words of wisdom. The idea that the Constitution guarantees the separation of church and state is a myth propagated by communists, atheists, the feminist movement, the liberal media, and the environmental cult. There is not ONE WORD in this document that says our society should not be a good traditional Christian society. Many of you will likely come back at me with the so-called Establishment Clause, saying there is no establishment of religion in public places. NONSENSE!!! Those of you who buy into this blasphemy have sold your souls to the dark secular forces that have been eating away at the foundation of our good and virtuous Christian society for lo these many years. The Establishment clause was meant to protect the role of the Christian church in our society. However, the liberals, atheists, feminists, secular humanists, baby-killers, and tree-huggers have taken this concept and turned it on its head! These people are responsible for taking this document, that was originally conceived of and written by good Christian men, and twisting it to the extent that it could be used for advancing their evil dark agenda.

We will bring God and the Bible back into the public arena, and drive the liberals, atheists, secular humanists, and all other like-minded people into oblivion!!! Just as communism was destined for the ash-heap of human civilization, so too are liberalism, secular humanism, feminism, and environmentalism. If you are not a good Christian there is no place for you in our society! The founding fathers recognized this. How else could we achieve God’s vision of "manifest destiny"? How else could we have purged the land of the evil tree-worshiping native cultures, who had infected the land like cancer infects a human body? How else could we have once become a shining beacon of light and truth for the whole world to behold? How else could we have become a shining city on a hill? But slowly, we became blind to Satan’s influences, and we allowed the dark forces of liberalism, secularism, and witchcraft to gain control and eat away at our virtuous Christian society just like termites eat away at the foundation of what was once a good Christian church, leaving nothing behind but a dilapitated, decrepit shell that is invested with crackheads and whores. Good Christian Soldiers - We must TAKE BACK what was once ours!!!

There is no room for tolerance or compromise in our battle against the secular forces. There is no room for love and understanding. In the final battle between the forces of good and evil, the Lamb of God will be neither loving nor understanding. His wrath will be beyond the capacity of human comprehension, and his judgment final. If you are not fully with him, than you are against him, and your souls will be doomed to burn in the Lake of Fire and Sulfur for all eternity. You must let a wave of intolerance wash over you. You must let a wave of hatred wash over you. Hate is good...Our goal is a Christian nation. We have a Biblical duty, and we have been called upon by God to conquer this country.

Narnia Chronicles -- A Review

So last night I saw the midnight showing of the Narnia Chronicles in order to give a show of support for beautiful Christian allegory, a story that is responsible, in many ways, for the good Christian I have become. I first read the books at the age of 11, and only after growing up just enough to realize that fairy tales -- so able mesmerize children with false hopes of distant lands and magic -- did not really exist. I was horrified by this realization, having always dreamed of falling down a rabbit hole or being possessed with magical powers; and suddenly life seemed so disappointing. But that was until I read the Narnia Chronicles. Not because I envisioned finding a magic wardrobe that could transport me into some fake fairy tale land, but because (after a little explanation from my mother) I was suddenly able to appreciate the glory and power of Jesus. The idea that Jesus, just like Aslan, sacrificed his life for the life of his people brought tears to my eyes. It made me realize that Jesus' rising from the dead, like Aslan's, was almost like a fairy tale, only more powerful, deeper, the way Aslan's deep magic is so much stronger than the witch's. Later in life, as I struggled with what it meant to be a true Christian, I looked to the books again, taking special pleasure in the scene where Aslan makes Peter kill the wolf. It was so symbolic of what I knew should be done to all that threatens the peace and harmony of our Christian world.

As the movie started last night, though, I was terrified by what I saw. Not so much by the movie, itself, which, as it turns out, was very disappointing; -no, I was terrified because the theater I went to was nearly empty in comparison to Harry Potter IV. At Potter, a movie that is essentially a celebration of witchcraft and wizardry, a movie that is really no more than a blatant attempt by witches to poison the minds of children and adults alike, four theaters were sold out, filled with old and young. This was certainly not the case last night, where Narnia only managed to fill half a theater. God, I was disturbed; for obviously the sheer numbers of the Potter release and lack thereof at Narnia suggest witchcraft and sorcery has so corrupted the minds of the public, the power of good Christian themes to draw a crowd has been substantially reduced. Before the likes of Potter and his evil gang of witches, Narnia would have drawn millions to theater, even if the first showing were at 2am. Not any more. No longer, it appears, can it draw young minds to the magic of the Bible, planting the seeds of good Christian soldiers in their minds, so they too recognize that we must fight attacks against our faith. Instead, it appears Potter and its practitioners of Devil worship have done, in their own way, what the witch does in Narnia -- made it so it is always winter but never Christmas.

After seeing the movie, though, I wonder if, maybe, it's not a good thing the theater wasn't packed, for it was not a good movie. The acting was superb, especially when compared to the little devils that play Harry Potter and friends, but the music and production were awful, more fit for a made for tv movie. The Witch's palace looked like something out of an early 80's fantasy movie, and the costumes and special effects paled in comparison to something like Lord of the Rings. And God, that music!!! Terrible New Age filth! The director did such a terrible job, by the end I had to wonder if Disney did not purposefully create a disaster of a film. They are, after all, responsible for "Gay Day" at Disney World and, especially in the last decade or so, produced some of the most filthy movies ever. They are such a part of liberal Hollywood, I imagine the witches, sorcerers, and devil worshipers on their board of directors having a good chuckle about the whole thing. In any event, I'm so mad about the movie, I'm now more inspired than ever by Aslan commanding Peter to kill the wolf, for the horribleness of Narnia is certainly a direct attack on the Christian faith. That is why I urge all true Christians and lovers of the Narnia Chronicles to boycott Disney...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Is The President Really a Christian Or Is He the Antichrist

Much has been made of the President's faith, about how he's a born again Christian, coming to Christ after the sin of alcohol nearly bankrupted his life. True Christians -- the evangelicals, like myself, who know there is no room for compromise when it comes to the Bible and creating a place where the one true God is celebrated and followed in every facet of our lives -- were ecstatic to have a fellow evangelical atop the most powerful nation on Earth. We knew we'd find a sympathetic ear for prayer in schools, for faith based organizations, for Christianity in general. And we were pleased with the first years of his administration, as he invaded heathen nations, took money away from secular organizations, giving it, instead to those based on the teachings of the Lord. We were happy as he turned his back on scientists that supported corrupting life, whose twisted ideas would inevitably lead to fetus factories to generate stem cells. We thanked our Lord and Savior when he deregulated the environment, ridding the earth of pesky regulations that inhibited our ability to properly harvest the earth God gave us to harvest. But now I wonder if, maybe, all of that was no more than a ruse, a trick to capture the hearts and minds of Christians as he leads us down the slippery slope toward Hell. Admittedly, at first glance, I don't have much to go on but the President's refusal to acknowledge Christmas is a very serious thing. Christmas is symbolic of the Christian faith, a celebration of the birth of Jesus; and its power to bring people to Christ, wooing the faithful and unfaithful alike to the one true faith through the promise of presents is undeniable. I've had many friends wonder if those of us that fight the war on Christmas aren't misplacing our energy, for there are, they say, many other problems out there for us to fight -- Global warming, poverty, etc. But I say to them, those things aren't really problems; they are, in fact, nothing more than liberal propaganda to focus our minds on something other than the word of God. There is no poverty other than a poverty of corrupted or completely lacking Christian values; and if people do suffer for want of food and healthcare it is because they have turned away from the Lord. The capitalist system is led by an invisible hand -- the hand of God -- and those that embrace it will be rewarded. The Church, the government -- they are still there for people who refuse to acknowledge this, preventing true suffering; but it is still important that wealth and energy be saved for extremely important battles, like the war on Christmas. Secularists, witches, and Satanists, alike, recognize the power of Christmas to bring people to Christ, which is why they fight so hard to strip its celebration from the public square, which is why we must fight equally hard -- harder, even -- to ensure that it is celebrated. So when I see the President embracing the agenda of secularists and Devil worshipers, I wonder where his allegiance truly lay. Things that are too good to be true usually are, and the first years of the Bush administration certainly seem too good to be true. Plus, the Bible teaches that the one who will lead us into the end times -- the antichrist -- will arrive in a similar fashion, tricking the world into following him, only revealing his true nature after it is too late. So I look for signs, signs such as Holiday Cards rather than Christmas Cards. It's not an exact science to be sure, but neither is astrology, and people are certainly dedicated to that.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Abortion Poem IV: Buried Alive (a.k.a. The Medical Waste)

The following poem was inspired by one of the most horrific articles I've ever read. I kind of want to make it longer to explore the mind of the buried alive baby and perhaps go into the mind of the evil mother, as well. But I'm not sure; maybe the poem is perfect the way it is. Any ideas?

Buried Alive (a.k.a. The Medical Waste)

Toss me in with the medical waste;
I’m buried alive.
Buried alive,
My only hour on earth
In a casket of
syringes, of gloves,
of blood and mucus,
shared with others just like me
But already dead.
Buried alive.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Waterboy and the Antichrist

So TNT was doing its usual thing where it plays the same movie multiple times over the course of the weekend. Last weekend's movie was the Adam Sandler "classic," Waterboy -- a movie, that as I watched it, filled me with excitement and wonder; for throughout the first two thirds, I was sure it symbolized our struggle with temptation and relationship with God. I just knew that Mama, perfectly portrayed by Kathy Bates, was meant to symbolize God and the Waterboy mankind. How could they not? Mama is all-knowing and seeks only to protect the Waterboy from the Devil, from things like knowledge, women, and sports. She knows they would only lead him away from her, away from all that is right and good. She sees the hidden influence of the Devil where to most he would be invisible. And she is right. While the Waterboy, stupid and ignorant and unable to understand why his Mama keeps him from such sins, recognizes the power and brilliance of his Mama, he is constantly tempted into a life of sin by the likes of the evil temptress, Vicki Valencort, and the Satanic football team that mocks the Waterboy’s love of God/Mama. Mama tries to teach him about science (“Benjamin Franklin didn’t invent electricity! I did! Benjamin Franklin is the Devil!), about women (“That woman is the devil!), and about proper worship (“Come over here and brush Mama’s hair”), but that is not good enough for the Waterboy. He wants what, deep down, we all want – friends, adulation, women – and they pull him away from his Mama, just as we are pulled away from the Lord. And while he is embraced by all that tempts him, just as we, too, are embraced by Satan, one only need look at his newfound friends, fans, and women and see the embrace is not one of true love, a love that will bring the Waterboy eternal happiness. No, his fair-weather fans and friends are backwards and crazy, and all leave him as soon as they think he can no longer play football, just as Satan will abandon us in the depths of hell once we have totally turned from God. The Waterboy knows it; he just knows it, which is why he returns to his Mama/God, even ignoring the cult-like vigil his fans hold outside his Mama’s hospital window.

God, I was excited as I watched the movie. What better way to teach unbelievers about temptation and faith than an Adam Sandler movie? But then the inevitable talons of liberal Hollywood sink into what was once a perfect film. Mama sees the “light.” No longer is she a guiding force in the Waterboy’s life, keeping him from temptation, from sin. She embraces football and Vicki Valencort, giving her son her blessing to play in the big game and to marry the whore. Where once the movie symbolized human struggle with temptation and the glory of God, it becomes an ode to the antichrist. For that is the way the antichrist will rise. He will trick us into believing he righteous and good, into following him, when we should instead be following the Lord Jesus Christ. And he will bring misery upon this earth. If the movie properly reflected what is the inevitable and natural end for those that turn away from the Lord and follow the antichrist, perhaps by showing the Waterboy horribly crippled and disfigured in a game of football and then left to rot by Vicki Valencort as his Mama/the antichrist laugh, I could still appreciate the greatness of the movie. It would be a little too artsy, I think, if that were the turn it took; but at least it would not be the sympathetic portrayal of evil it is now.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Copernicus, Galileo -- The Church Was Right the First Time

"For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." 2 Timothy 3

Science, you know, is evil. I've said it many times before, and I will probably say it many more. Today we are in a great struggle between the evils of science and the truth of faith in our Lord and Savior; and somehow it seems the Devil has been able to so corrupt the minds of the public, he's convinced even good Christians that science -- a filthy, twisted form of witchcraft "proven" by calculations and theories -- and its explanations are correct, for they are testable and subject to "peer review," whereas the Word of God is not. So science, we are told, is never wrong. But this is merely propaganda; science is no more testable than the fact that God created earth and created man in His image. The world is billions of years old scientists say; but I say: prove it! Carbon dating is merely a tool of the Devil. Unless a scientist has really tested carbon dating, going back in time thousands or millions of years to when so called fossils first died and verifies the accuracy of the carbon date result, then all the "proof" that the earth is billions of years old, that dinosaurs ruled the earth millions of years ago, is not really proof at all, but simply a mind game that the Devil plays with us. And all this evidence of other planets, solar systems, galaxies, all this evidence that the universe is actually growing? Have we tested telescopes? Did Galileo actually fly out into space to verify what his telescope saw? Even Copernicus-- did he take a space shuttle to watch the earth revolve around the sun? I highly doubt it, just as I highly doubt that the earth is NOT the center of the universe. So when the Hubble telescope sends us "pictures" of some distant galaxy, how do we really know that what we are seeing is anything more than dirt on one of its fancy lenses or scientist phlegm that was accidentally sneezed into the machine? How do we know it's not the work of the Devil? Yet intelligent design gets ridiculed for not being "testable." Perhaps if some good Church elder with a PHD in Engineering or Biology were able to invent a calculation that "proved" intelligent design, it would be accepted by the scientific community and be taught in schools. But no one has yet risen to the occasion, and now the world has reached the point where even the Catholic Church, once a beacon of truth and all that is right, has succumed to the Devil, admitting the Inquisition should not have condemned Galileo. If only we Christian Soldiers could go back in time, then we could take matters into our hands and ensured that Copernicus and Galileo were properly punished for their heretical beliefs...

Friday, December 02, 2005

Zero Tolerance for Blasphemy

People, I have become quite disturbed by the blasphemy that I have been reading in the comments concerning the posts on this site. There is no excuse for such willful and premeditated blasphemy, and all of you who hold such liberal and secular beliefs should be subjected to severe corporal punishment, not unlike the judicial canings meted out to criminal offenders in Singapore. In writing for this site, I have never once pretended to believe that America is a perfect nation, or even a favored nation, in the eyes of the Lord. However, we are definitely less of an abomination than say Canada or Europe. My thesis has always been that we must return to our righteous past in order to become favored by God. Therefore, I have called for a "harkening back" to the "days of yore". I have discussed this topic at length in previous posts. I have implied that the way to return to our righteous past from days of yore is to simply look back to colonial times and reinstate some of the laws and policies that governed righteous Christian societies back then. Particular emphasis should be placed on the church-state sanctioned laws that were in force in colonial Massachusetts. Colonial Massachusetts was clearly the most righteous of all the colonial societies. Back then, one of the key policies for ensuring that society remained dedicated to only the strictest Christian values was the policy of severe corporal and physical punishment for offenders of the church. This is a policy that should be reinstated today. Reinstating this one policy would not solve all this country’s problems, but it would go a long way!!! In many ways, I believe many of the Eastern societies have a FAR better system in place, in this regard. The perfect examples of this are Singapore and Malaysia. Offenders in these states are frequently subject to the penalty of judicial caning. I believe a good caning would go a long way toward putting many of you on the righteous path. You probably resent this assessment. Well TOUGH!!! I don’t care what you resent!!! Neither does God! A good old-fashioned caning is all you need! I am sick and tired of the secular psycho-babbling, the "everything goes" outlook towards life, "I’m OK, You’re OK", "lets all just be happy with magical gum-drop smiles and listen to Final Fantasy music"! (I saw that on of a site run by one of you.) The creators of Final Fantasy games are destined for eternal hell-fire, and if you were smart you’d give up the Final Fantasy tunes and replace them with somber and righteous mid-nineteenth century church hymns from the days of yore!!! A particular hymn that I highly recommend is "Nearer, My God to Thee" - A truly righteous old-time Christian hymn, indeed! But make no mistake about it, Final Fantasy is evil, because it promotes a religion based on worshiping of the "planet", and souls returning to some "planetary life stream", and other such blasphemy. Nonsense like this is one of the many tools that the devil uses to try to deceive us and lead us away from God, our one and only God who reigns in Heaven NOW and FOREVER MORE!!! Hallelujah to the Lamb of GOD!!!

Gigantic Mother Brain For President

I believe I have a new idea for a novel, an idea that came to me in a dream. I'm not sure what inspired it, but it may have been the recent discussion I had with my nephew. He is a good, God-ly man who shares my passion and faith in the Lord; and I like to think that I had something to do with the man he has become. We used to spend hours talking about the Bible and God; and at one point he was in danger of drowning in the evil that is moral relativism, momentarily believing that people who do not believe in Christ are still good and will still go to heaven. Luckily, I was able to convince him that such thought is wrong and is exactly what the Devil wants us to believe. I remember the moment vividly -- he was playing the old Nintendo game, Metroid, fighting this gigantic mother brain, while talking to me. That image, I think, is what inspired the dream.

The dream was this: I was living at some point in the near future, when the end times had begun, and society was falling apart. People were so corrupted by evil, democracy was working even less than it does now. As a result of it's failure, a multi-religional (not a word I know) group -- one Christian (me), one Jew, one Muslim, one Scientologist (Tom Cruise, of course), and a Buddhist -- got together to figure out what to do. We were all in agreement: people were not fit to rule themselves. On the other hand, the world was in such crisis, we needed an especially brilliant, righteous leader to rule it; yet we were all sure such a leader did not exist among mankind. I tried to argue with the rest of our group that we should just do our best to prepare for the Glorious Appearing, for when Jesus comes back to us, that because we were in the end times, there was no hope of ever finding such a perfect leader. But they would not listen. They decided, instead, to build a gigantic space ship to search out alien life and choose a lifeform much more brilliant and good and perfect than humans. So off they left, eventually coming across a dying planet that had been laid to waste by war and famine. There they found this gigantic mother brain who, because she was a gigantic brain, was so smart she convinced the group that she would be the perfect ruler for Earth. So they brought her back with them, and she took control of the world. And of course she was not a good ruler, but, instead, was evil and enslaved all of mankind and turned earth into a war zone, just like the planet she had been found on. I, however, gathered fellow Christians and we worked valiantly to defeat the evil mother brain. Eventually, a different mother brain arrived on our planet and defeated the evil brain. It turns out that the new mother brain was actually Jesus. And that's when I woke up.

Anyway, I thought that would make a really good basis for a novel. Not only would it be filled with adventure, it would have very deep themes and symbolism, the evil mother brain being a symbol for both science and false faith, like Islam and Scientology, and how they enslave mankind and will bring destruction upon the earth. People who insist on believing in such awfulness are like the Jew, Muslim, Scientologist and Buddhist who go looking for an alien to rule over earth. In any event, that's just what I've thought of thus far. I'm going to flesh out the idea a little bit in the coming weeks and months and see where it leads me...