Friday, December 16, 2005

Cleansing a Sick Nation

A Hearty and Heartfelt Good Morning Fellow Christian Soldiers!!

I certainly hope (and expect) that most of you understand the absolute truth that our lives were given to us by the Lord our God. As long as you are living on this earth you belong to God, no matter abhorrent you may be. He is the One who gave us our existence on this earth and He is the One who can take it away. When the good Lord chooses to take us away, how we spend eternity will depend on the decisions that we make in this life, and those decisions are entirely ours to make. Those decisions will result in either our everlasting life or our everlasting destruction. The same holds true for this nation. This nation, the United States of America, belongs to God. He is the one who gave this nation its existence, and He is the one who can take it away. The decision as to whether we continue to exist as a nation rests entirely with us as a people. We can continue along our current path into oblivion, or we can rebuild our society and our government from the ground up. We can either end up on the ash-heap of human civilization, along with the many other nations that have been cast onto that ash-heap throughout the ages, or we can raise ourselves up from the ashes, into a new era of righteousness and glory.

God gave our forefathers this land because we were once a righteous Christian people. He gave us this land because it was rightfully ours. We were the rightful heirs - Christian, pure, virtuous, and true. God saw the tree-worshiping natives, with their evil pagan rituals. He saw the senseless preservation of the bounties of the land, bounties that should have been exploited to the fullest extent imaginable. He saw the senseless communal spirit of their depraved and retched societies, a communal spirit that has the exact same societal underpinnings as communism, socialism, liberalism, environmentalism, and pluralism. He saw the idol worship, the spirit worship, the worshiping of the land and tress. He saw all of these things, and He sent forth our forefathers to purge the land from sea to shining sea, to cleanse it, and to establish a new Christian nation, one of righteousness and purity. I have spoken, at length, of the great Christian nation that was established, with the grace of the Lord, to replace and annihilate the heathen native tribes. And what a Christian nation it was!!! It was truly a sight to behold!!!

Good Christian Soldiers!!! - The United States of this modern day is a different nation from the United States of the days of yore. The United States of this modern day is no longer a strong nation, in the sense of morality and Christian values. It is a sick nation. It is diseased. It is infested - infested by liberals, secularists, atheists, pagans, and witches. The great pillars of our society are crumbling. They are crumbling Christian soldiers. And the end is near...

We must not lose hope. We can live to see a brighter day, Christian soldiers. We will take back this nation, piece by piece, one state at a time, one town at a time, and one family at a time. There will be a major turning point in the future, a day of reckoning, where our fate will be set. There will be no turning back. This nation will be either destined for the ash-heap or destined for glory. There will be no intermediate fate. In order to prepare for this day there must be a cleansing. The purging of our society must begin! Everyone who lives under the cover of immorality must be brought down. They must be cast out. The disease, the must be exterminated. Only then, can we, the rightful heirs, reclaim our nation.


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