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The Fall and Rise of Peter -- Another Story About the End Times (Part III)

Part III

The next few months in Peter’s life were both horrific and spectacular. As he, with the rest of the world, watched the Earth turn on itself, chaos reining through the streets – rape, murder, and theft prevalent, nobody safe, everybody afraid – and great natural disasters killing millions of people, Peter also discovered that he was a natural leader of men. And he liked it. He liked leading raids on the criminals and sinners. It gave him pleasure to watch the Godless squirm with fear at the mere sight of the Strike Force’s approach, at the inevitable wrath of God coming to bring justice and goodness to this small part of the world. The sins of his past still hung over him like the blade of a guillotine, but rather than live his life in shame, he was driven by resolve to do right by the Lord God.

One night Peter and the Strike Force happened upon an innocent women being raped by two hooligans. Sneaking up behind the attackers, Peter drew his knife and sliced the knee tendons of one, while the Strike Force captured the other, binding the man’s legs and arms with duct tape. As the injured sinner lay writhing on the ground, clutching his leg and moaning, Peter turned to the other. “Repent! Accept the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart, and be forgiven of your crimes.” But the man just laughed. Peter, though, didn’t mind for he knew with a few minutes of pain he could make the man see the light. Pain had a way of opening peoples’ minds to the message of the Lord. It was as though the suffering drained all the evil out of sinners and made their minds a souls a blank, innocent slate, like a newborn’s. So he ripped open the man’s shirt and began carving a cross into his chest. Of the over fifty men he’d performed this procedure on before, only one refused to accept Jesus. The rest now wore their scar proudly, a permanent reminder of the power of God.

The man, though, didn’t even scream. He only continued his laughter. Finally he allowed, “You can’t hurt me. I am one with the true ruler of the Universe, Dimitriadas, also known as the Antichrist, also known as Satan! And I’ve tasted your wife, Peter. Jez begged me to never stop.” With that he smiled.

Peter’s calm vanished. “Liar!” he screamed. He then pulled a pair of pliers from his belt. Ripping teeth from the man’s mouth, he pushed two of them into the man’s eye sockets. And the man still did not scream, but only began talking in what sounded like gibberish but what the Strike Force knew was a prayer to Satan. Never had they battled such pure evil.

And Peter’s mind seemed to be collapsing from the weight of it all. “No, not Jez,” he mumbled. “Not Jez. Please God, do not let it be true. My whole heart is yours, my whole heart is yours, my whole heart is yours,” and he collapsed into a pile on the ground and just rocked and rocked himself.

One of his men finally tried to comfort Peter. “The man is a liar, Peter. A liar. Jez would never do such a thing.” But something deep within Peter knew it was true. Women could not be trusted. It was their nature to betray man, to betray God. Just as Eve tempted Adam to disobey the command of God, Jez had led Peter astray and broken his heart. Nothing could fix it, nothing. Peter could feel Jesus calling to him, “I love you Peter, I love you. Do not worry; you are one of my children. Heaven awaits. Heaven,” but not even the soothing words of the Lord made him feel better. All he could think about were the things he could have done to prevent Jez from becoming such a whore. If only he forbade her reading, her watching television. When she argued, he should have silenced her. If only, if only…

Suddenly, the man whose knee tendons Peter had severed stood up, apparently healed of his affliction. The Strike Force noticed that there was a mark, a cross on the man’s forehead that had not been there before. He walked over to Peter and, kneeling down, touched him on the shoulder. “Peter,” he said, “you made me see the light. You. You are truly a child of God, Peter. Do not despair. Yours is a blessed life, meant to be spent in the arms of the Lord, basking in His glory. The pain you feel is only temporary, only a worldly pain. In Heaven you will be in an eternity of rapture. Jez will not even have existed.”

And Peter started to come back to himself. His convert had away about him. Just his touch made Peter feel better, and the man’s words were like God Himself standing before the distraught Peter, consoling him. And Peter rose to his feet. “It’s time to roll out,” he commanded his men…
Peter stormed into the house he shared with Jez. She was in the kitchen, hovering over the microwave trying to make dinner. Hearing the door slam behind him, Jez turned and smiled, unaware that he knew of her crimes. And Peter strode up to her clinching his fists; and seeing his face, Jez knew something was wrong, she even knew that it was her secret, her passion for a man she only knew as Perez, that seemed to have Peter possessed by the Devil. What she did not expect was the kick Peter delivered to her face, for he had always been such a gentle man. In fact, it was what she loved most about their marriage, that he was so loving and soft, for it allowed her to manipulate him and have her way.

Peter picked Jez up off the floor by the throat and slammed her on top of the stove. His eyes were wild and crazy, like a dog’s with rabies, and he stared at her with the look of a killer. Jez couldn’t breathe and she struggled and struggled, only finally able to bring some sense of calm to herself by remembering her few passionate rendezvous with Perez and the way he touched her. It was rough – not as rough as the way Peter now strangled her – but rough nonetheless… and dirty and sinful; and she loved every minute, every second of it; and she could barely contain her incredible need to moan and scream with pleasure at a mere caress from Perez’s hands.

Even in his possessed state, Peter’s love for Jez could be reached by her touch. And Jez, in a sudden fit of corrupt genius recognized this, reaching out and slipping her hands down his pants. She stroked him until he let go of her neck; and bringing her face up to his, she whispered, “Peter, I’m pregnant” and kissed him violently, hoping it would pass for passion. And it did, and Peter kissed her back, not forgiving her, not even really recognizing her, as his mind, already fragile from a broken heart, succumbed to pure desire, to pure evil that only women know to manipulate.

But Jez, despite her deep connection to the ways of Satan, did not contemplate the love Jesus had for Peter. Peter continued to kiss her, to touch and grope her, but all the while Jesus was whispering in his ear. “Don’t do this, Peter. Don’t. She will lead you down a path from which you can never come back.” And finally the message began to get though, until, finally, Peter quickly turned on one of the stove burners and put Jez’s hand on it. He held it there as she screamed, gathering his thoughts. After a few seconds, he said only “The Elders will know what to do with you” and dragged her out the door by her hair.
A month passed, and it was time for Jez’s punishment to be carried out. The Elders, after several emotional hours questioning Peter, finding out what he wanted and what would be best for both the town and him, decided the townspeople would shoot Jez with rubber bullets and send her off to the shantytown that had recently been built to house the sinners. Once the baby was born, it was to be taken from her and given to Peter to bring up in Christ, away from the scheming and manipulative Jez.

So Jez was led out to the town square in chains and tied to a poll; and seeing her sad figure, people began to boo and hiss, slowly forming a circle around the poll. As Peter walked through the crowd toward his wife, some began to pat him on the back, deeply sorry for the shame and sin that had visited his life. Everyone loved Peter, and nobody really blamed him; but most by now had heard his story about the sinful origins of the relationship, about how it was because of Jez that Peter was denied the Rapture, that he embraced desire and pleasure over love of God and the truth of the Bible; and knowing this, all knew his love for Jez was cursed.

Peter was the first to shoot Jez. Stoically, he raised the gun and pulled the trigger. The bullet smashed into her nose, crushing it, and Jez twisted on the poll, moaning. And the rest of the townspeople followed Peter’s lead, reigning down rubber bullets upon the woman until the moaning stopped. Peter stood and watched it all, still showing no emotion; and when he turned and again walked through the crowd, intending to go back home, the crowd slowly followed.
When Jez awoke, she found herself in a shack – her new home. The walls had no paint, no wallpaper, and the floor was dirt. Only a single light bulb hung from the ceiling. In one corner there was a stove and in another a dresser. It was the saddest site she had ever seen, and it was now her life; but she was not repentant or regretful; she did not curse herself or wish she could go back in time and make things right, truly embracing the light of Jesus Christ and accepting her life with Peter and his dominion over her. No; instead she let herself be taken by rage and desire – desire for revenge; and she stood up out of bed and began pounding on her stomach, intent on forcing the fetus insider of her out so it could suffocate without the nourishment from her womb. That would teach Peter.

And after a few minutes, the contractions began, and Jez could feel her body rejecting her premature baby. She began to bleed and feel faint; she felt a stabbing pain; she needed to lie down. And she did. And she lay there, pushing and pushing, pushing the baby out of her. At only two or three months it would surely be born dead, and she would be happy to be rid of it. God was not worthy of any duty. She would not have children that would grow up to worship Him. All children should be suffocated, she thought to herself.

As soon as the baby was delivered and she felt strong enough to move, Jez sat up and stared at the tiny bloody baby laying in her bed. It was covered in blood and placenta and did not move. She gathered up her child and began rocking it, suddenly hoping that she might feel something, some love for the fetus, for her baby; but she felt nothing, not even a twinge of sadness or regret. No, after a few seconds, she only wanted it out of her site, to forget about it, to forget that she was ever pregnant or married or was ever loved by a man, by anyone at all. So she took her child outside and tossed it in the garbage.

When the door closed behind Jez, the baby’s eyes opened. It yawned and stretched itself. The placenta and blood hanging off its tiny figure made it uncomfortable, as though it were being suffocated, and it began tearing at it with its miniature fingers. After a few moments, it turned itself over onto its stomach and tried crawling. At first it was tough going, but within a minute or two it got the hang of it and began crawling around in small circles, trying to take in the surrounding scenery. Finally noticing the entrance to a sewer, the baby began crawling towards it, not even recognizing where it might lead to, but somehow drawn to it.

On its way, the fetus was suddenly overcome by both an immense sadness and a profound sense of good, all at the same time. It was as though the weight of the world, all the sin and filth and suffering, were put on its shoulders while the strength and glory of God propped it up like Atlas and the Earth. And reaching the mouth of the sewer, the fetus continued crawling until the force of gravity pulled it down to the depths.

Laying on the ground, the baby was greeted by the sniffing of a rat. Suddenly, the tiny little eyes of another fetus were peering down at him. Then another. And another. And another, until the fetus was surrounded by other fetuses. And then one of the aborted spoke. “Welcome. We are the Tribulation Saints, and you are our leader.”


Anonymous Snazzlepuff the Mischevilous said...

*twirls topknot and dances*

I just figured it out. This is a Potterfic! Peter is Peter Pettigrew! He's the rat who went down into the sewer!

Crawling fetuses? I didn't know fetuses could crawl. In fact, I don't think babies can even crawl until they're about 9 months old, can they?

12:43 AM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

snazzlepuff -- no, i didn't intend it to be a potterific story, although i can see where it might be turned into one. i haven't fully fleshed out where i'm going with it, so if i find the inspiration, maybe, in your honor, i'll bring some harry potter to the story.

as for the crawling fetus, fetuses can't talk either; but the thing you apparently did not get is that these are special fetuses blessed by the Lord. it is by their strength of character and pureness that the Christians will be led through the end times without succumbing to the antichrist. also, the tribulation saint/fetuses are very special and intelligent, like angels on earth, so they are not limited the way normal babies would be.

8:41 AM  
Anonymous Marionette said...

I'm detecting some unresolved anger issues within this story. Did your mother abuse you as a child? Or maybe a few past girlfriends, maybe even your wife, has she cheated on you?

You seem to blame all the world's problems on women, and I find that a bit disturbing. I've read over the site- I've seen you use the story of Adam and Eve as an excuse. However, blaming Eve for all the evil in women is like blaming Cain for everything wrong with men. It's a stereotype. Remember, the Virgin Mary was a woman too. God made woman, therefore, he has given her a purpose, and loves her like all his children. Your mother was a woman too, demeaning her because of her sex is disrespectful.

I have my own son, and I assure you, even though I have to raise him without his father, he is still a devout Christian. I never considered having him aborted, even though I was only 15 (my mother, however, did, but that's another story).

Remember, Satan is a demon of wrath. Do not let him overtake you.

8:47 PM  
Blogger Ryven said...

Marionette: Don't try and reason with him. He'll just call you an evil woman, say that the "Devil has already gotten to you, evil secularist Jezebel, blablabla" and that'll be the end of it. It's the same song and dance for anyone who isn't male.

10:48 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

ryven -- that's a gross distortion of my treatment of those who disagree with me. marionette seems like a good God fearing Christian, raising her son in Christ.

8:44 AM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

marionette -- no, there is no hidden agenda with regards to women. i simply recognize that they are the root of a lot of society's problems, beginnning with Eve. Satan has turned them into sexual objects and they've been willing participants. And as objects they are able to distract us from the message of God. they make us selfish, more enthralled with our own desires than what God expects from us. so the point of my story was that even Peter -- a truly good Christian -- is succeptable to this kind of temptation. it really was supposed to be more of a warning...

8:48 AM  
Blogger Ryven said...

Nathaniel: Not really, but nice job backpeddling there. Just thought I'd give her fair warning. In your post to her, you did a nicer worded version of what I stated in the first place.

Marionette: You can't help those who don't wish to be helped. It's unfortunate, but true. Nathaniel's a lost cause.

7:56 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

ryven -- that's just plain wrong. not everyone who disagrees with you necessarily thinks you're evil. it just so happens that the things you disagree with me on do, in fact, make you more in tune with the Devil than with the Lord Jesus Christ. marionette, on the other hand, has her heart in the right place.

and fyi, i'm always looking to be helped on my quest to be a better Christian. i don't need or want help to jump off the righteous path and follow you down the slippery slope towards eternal hellfire.

8:30 AM  
Blogger Ryven said...

And you prove my point. Thanks :)

7:48 PM  
Blogger Marionette said...

Nathaniel: "...there is no hidden agenda with regards to women. i simply recognize that they are the root of a lot of society's problems..."

All women? You're giving women too much credit for all evil in the world, especially since we're still put in a secondary position, even today.

And as far as the sex issue, men do the same thing, plus they're buying the product. No one's telling them that it's wrong, so it's everyone's fault. People today keep to themselves a lot more, and don't care what other people are doing unless it benefits them. So how do they know better?

7:56 PM  
Blogger Ryven said...

No, Nathaniel, I'd have to disagree. Me living with my fiance does not, in fact, make me more evil than, say, you and your ideas that women in a persistant vegitative state should be raped and made into baby farms. Or the fact that you'd say something that horrible for attention.

8:14 PM  
Blogger Led Head said...

I'd like to add something to Ryven's statement:

From "The Fall and Rise of Peter," by Nathaniel:

Peter was the first to sign on to the new Christian Strike Force proposed by the church elders. On their first mission, they were able to capture three Mexican gang members. And Peter watched as his team leader burned them with cigarettes. Within a few minutes, one of them was ready to be born again.

Inspired by the scene, Peter, as though guided by God, through one of the remaining non-believers down on the ground. He then pulled out his knife and carved a cross on the man’s chest; and the man screamed in pain. But he would not confess. “Repent!” Peter yelled at him, but he could only mumble in Spanish. So Peter brought his knife up to the man’s eye. And at this the man began to pray out loud to himself. “Si! Si! Yes, yes, I love Jesus,” he then told the men in the room.

The other men in the room were so impressed by Peter, they surrounded the remaining non believer and took turns abusing him. But he would not repent. One Christian soldier even carved off the Mexican’s ear, yet still he would not confess his sins and embrace Jesus. “I love the Devil,” this sinner whispered between screams. So the men decided to bring him before the church elders.

This passage-and the fact that Nathaniel advocates our government adopting these types of punishments-tell me Nathaniel doesn't care one iota about being a good Christian. In fact, it tells me he loves Christ far less than the false sense of power and security he derives from his own self-riteousness.

8:29 PM  
Anonymous Matthew said...

Let me get this straight: it's not okay to get an abortion, BUT it's okay to beat up a pregnant woman and shoot her with rubber bullets?

4:11 PM  
Blogger Led Head said...

Your post made me think of something, Matthew. Granted, Jez pounded herself in the stomach. But being beaten and shot with rubber bullets could have caused the miscarrage also; as would the shock to the system resulting from Peter beating her in the first place. So while Jez wanted to terminate the pregnancy, it could very well have been Peter and his friends that actually started the miscarriage.

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Support Padfoot's Army.

Immy *really* stinks!

12:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"they make us selfish, more enthralled with our own desires than what God expects from us."

No, we just ARE selfish and enthralled with our own desires. Or at least you are. I personally can handle walking down the street past women wearing perfectly ordinary clothes, however tight they may be (as opposed to being covered head to toe with a big, square box lest we glimpse some flesh, or whatever it is that you advocate) and if you can't then maybe you should be the one staying at home all day cooking for your family. Get over it. They're not trying to "distract" anyone. They're NORMAL people minding their own business. If you succumb to their "temptation", that's entirely your fault, not theirs. So yes, Peter is going to hell.

1:39 AM  

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