Thursday, December 15, 2005

Fighting Tumors With Tumors

I'm sorry, dear readers, that I have not been the active blogger I'm so inspired to be of late, but the last two weeks have been filled fighting the War on Christmas and steady advance of the homosexual agenda. But I just read these two things and was inspired to post, however brief. The tragedy of the tumor girl is undoubtable, and I wish her a speedy recovery. But something can be learned from her suffering, mainly an appropriate punishment for one of the most devastating cancers that infects this society: scientists, specifically stem cell researchers. Yes, doctors such as the lying and cheating Korean who so impressed the devil by cloning dogs and human embryos should be punished, punished by cloning some of their DNA using stem cells and grafting it on to their face until it grows into a gigantic tumor. The way I envision it, it will eventually grow into something not unlike that little Martian beast, Cuato, in Total Recall (the Arnold Shwarzenegger movie) -- the one that was embedded in another guys stomach and had mystical powers. Not that our tumor would talk, but if eventually we could perfect the method such that we were able to grow a mutant clone on evil scientists' heads that COULD talk, perhaps acting like an angel on their shoulders, directing them towards Jesus, that would be great. I was also thinking that, assuming we could perfect the mutant talking tumor, it would be a great punishment for those that willfully refuse Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and then insist on spreading filth. It's a very bad punishment, I know, which is why, of course, it would be used sparingly, mostly on those that play an extremely proactive role in promoting secularism, like George Soros, Madonna, and most Canadians. Just imagine the glory we would find with God if we placed mutant tumors on these sinners' heads, tumors that were able to constantly preach the Word of God to their hosts. A very fitting punishment, indeed.


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