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Is The President Really a Christian Or Is He the Antichrist

Much has been made of the President's faith, about how he's a born again Christian, coming to Christ after the sin of alcohol nearly bankrupted his life. True Christians -- the evangelicals, like myself, who know there is no room for compromise when it comes to the Bible and creating a place where the one true God is celebrated and followed in every facet of our lives -- were ecstatic to have a fellow evangelical atop the most powerful nation on Earth. We knew we'd find a sympathetic ear for prayer in schools, for faith based organizations, for Christianity in general. And we were pleased with the first years of his administration, as he invaded heathen nations, took money away from secular organizations, giving it, instead to those based on the teachings of the Lord. We were happy as he turned his back on scientists that supported corrupting life, whose twisted ideas would inevitably lead to fetus factories to generate stem cells. We thanked our Lord and Savior when he deregulated the environment, ridding the earth of pesky regulations that inhibited our ability to properly harvest the earth God gave us to harvest. But now I wonder if, maybe, all of that was no more than a ruse, a trick to capture the hearts and minds of Christians as he leads us down the slippery slope toward Hell. Admittedly, at first glance, I don't have much to go on but the President's refusal to acknowledge Christmas is a very serious thing. Christmas is symbolic of the Christian faith, a celebration of the birth of Jesus; and its power to bring people to Christ, wooing the faithful and unfaithful alike to the one true faith through the promise of presents is undeniable. I've had many friends wonder if those of us that fight the war on Christmas aren't misplacing our energy, for there are, they say, many other problems out there for us to fight -- Global warming, poverty, etc. But I say to them, those things aren't really problems; they are, in fact, nothing more than liberal propaganda to focus our minds on something other than the word of God. There is no poverty other than a poverty of corrupted or completely lacking Christian values; and if people do suffer for want of food and healthcare it is because they have turned away from the Lord. The capitalist system is led by an invisible hand -- the hand of God -- and those that embrace it will be rewarded. The Church, the government -- they are still there for people who refuse to acknowledge this, preventing true suffering; but it is still important that wealth and energy be saved for extremely important battles, like the war on Christmas. Secularists, witches, and Satanists, alike, recognize the power of Christmas to bring people to Christ, which is why they fight so hard to strip its celebration from the public square, which is why we must fight equally hard -- harder, even -- to ensure that it is celebrated. So when I see the President embracing the agenda of secularists and Devil worshipers, I wonder where his allegiance truly lay. Things that are too good to be true usually are, and the first years of the Bush administration certainly seem too good to be true. Plus, the Bible teaches that the one who will lead us into the end times -- the antichrist -- will arrive in a similar fashion, tricking the world into following him, only revealing his true nature after it is too late. So I look for signs, signs such as Holiday Cards rather than Christmas Cards. It's not an exact science to be sure, but neither is astrology, and people are certainly dedicated to that.


Blogger Des said...

Did you know that the Puritans who originally settled America refused to celebate Christmas, and ousted anyone who did as either a heretic or a witch? Christmas has very strong Pagan roots, evident in the traditions that seem so normal today - things like Christmas trees, and the lights, and holly and mistletoe, and even exchanging gifts originated in European pagan cultures who were later converted to Christianity. Because they refused to give up their festival, the Christian missionaries that came to convert the heathens decided, in the pagan's best interest, to allow them to keep some of their traditions. Actually, Christmas itself was created to prevent pagans from celebrating their own midwinter festival. The date of Christ's birth was actually a complete toss-up - many different dates were considered as the day of Christ's birth.

2:47 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

des -- i have heard that, but i trust it as much as i trust science. it is not too hard to see that the liberal media has been used time and time again to spread disinformation.

2:53 PM  
Blogger Dr. JD Parnell said...

Nathaniel, our brother in Christ, has spoken great words of wisdom, and I absolutely demand the all of you dispicable tree-hugging worshippers of "mother earth" heed those words. Any form of government interence in private commerce for the purpose of protecting the environment is evil and one of the many tools that the devil uses to lead us astray. God gave us this earth to harvest and do with as we please. It is therefore His will that we fully exploit the bounties of the earth to the fullest extent possible and not concern ouselves with protecting it in any way. To concern ourselves with protecting the earth leads us down the slippery slope toward idol worship and is therefore tantamount to treason in the High court of heaven. Any effort to protect the earth is therefore evil and this includes recycling. The extra effort you take to recycle goods SHOULD be spent giving praise unto the Lord.

8:31 PM  
Blogger Dr. JD Parnell said...

I agree that the President's recent actions marginalizing the celebration of Christmas and instead supporting a discusting politically correct secular version of the holiday for the purpose of appeasing a "diversity" of heathen religious persuasions is quite disturbing and there's no excuse for it. But, keep in mind the dark days of the Clinton administration, when the evil witch Hilary dominated the inner workings of the White House, while her husband "president" Bill Clinton engaged in sex orgies with interns, and decorated his holiday "diversity" tree with crack pipes. Of course the Bush and the compromising GOP seems to be sliding in the same direction now, which is why I will call for a complete reinvention of our governmental system. REMEMBER THIS!!! - The true Christian Church is NOT a democracy!!!

2:00 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

Good Dr. -- you are entirely right -- there does need to be a reinvention of our governmental system. the founding fathers' intentions have been so corrupted, it is impossible to correctly interpret the constitution in that regard. we do know that the bible has NOT been corrupted, which is why we need to look at that wonderul book to interpret the constitution. i plan on doing a post about it at some future date. the post will expose democracy as a horrible and corrupt method of government.

2:53 PM  
Blogger Dr. JD Parnell said...

Yes, Indeed!!! In order to establish a more perfect union, we need to look no further than the Good Book!!! The Bible is the ONLY book fit to serve as the virtuous and true standard for how this country should exist.

8:11 PM  
Blogger lisa said...

So Dr. you want us to cause some future generation of children to die slow painful deaths because the increasingly stronger rays of the sun cause ever more cases of skin cancer, and the water is polluted beyond repair, and air must be filtered in order to be breathed. That definitely sounds like Eden. How could I have missed it? We should definitely let our selfishness destroy the planet which supports our life.
We cannot live without the planet so by destroying the Earth you are destroying human life. Think about that next time you are too lazy to recycle a few bottles and cans or to walk down to the store rather than drive.

8:24 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

lisa -- if that's actually what were happening, then I too would fight for the environment; however, you, like most led astray from Christ, have been fooled by the Devil. Using witchcraft, the liberal media, and well placed people in power, he has spread filthy propaganda that the earth is in trouble. by focusing our energies on non-issues, he has taken precious brain and man power away from what should be our one and only concern: love of Christ. even when we think we are loving Christ by helping the environment we have are misleading ourselves. that energy would be better spent doing the true work of the Lord -- converting non-believers, punishing sinners, and loving our neighbor.

8:43 PM  
Blogger lisa said...

Okay Nathaniel I have definitely decided that I have better things to do with my life than argue with someone who is either

a) creating this site because they think it is funny (in which case you are not even close to worth the effort and time I spend on you)


b) suffering from some form of psychosis. (in which case there is nothing that I say or do that will slightly alter your perceptions until I complete my training as a Psychologist.)

If you are serious about everything on this site there have been several clues as to your mental state. You become extremely defensive and irrational when someone questions your beliefs which could be a sign of someone suffering from a state of mania but since you do not seem to be experiencing extreme euphoria I would have to say it would be one of the many other mental disorders associated with these factors.
Q: “If Canada is so bad compared to America why is America the country being bombarded with hurricanes and not Canada? You seem to think those are caused by un Christian beliefs. So by your logic Canada should be considered the more faithful to God's path.”
A: "Canada is really a part of the US so God didn't differentiate between the two when he sent the hurricane to the Gulf region. In fact, I'd say this is irrefutable proof the Canada is rightfully ours.”

Also you show a disregard for your own well being and the well being of others.
"I just gave myself a really bad paper cut."
“To complete the transformation of our society and deter murder and all crime, we also need a new type of punishment, one not so offensive to God as the bringer of life and death, but that is a glorification of Him and His righteousness. Like in the Old Testament, where He would massacre a town or family for turning away from Him, we need to be equally harsh and righteous. Creative ways of torture and public humiliation would be a perfect way to accomplish this. For murderers, we should amputate legs and arms and sew them back wrong. Where once there was an arm there will be a leg, and a leg an arm. Rapists and child molesters will have their penises cut off and attached to their foreheads. Other crimes will be punished in a less severe, but similarly effective manner. Thieves can have their hands melted together with tar. Drug users will be forced to smoke various poisonous chemicals that burn their lungs until they are permanently scarred. Adulterers, on the other hand, will be placed naked in a glass box that is then placed in the desert where they can sit and cook for a day or two.”

And you suffered a traumatic experience and most likely never received professional help in dealing with the extreme distress associated with it.
“well, jess'ka your question brings up some rather painful memories for me, but if it will convince you that I am deadly serious and scare you on to a path of righteousness, I will gladly relive it. Jesus, you see, spoke to me in the shower. But not in the normal way that Jesus speaks to people in the shower. As I was lathering myself, humming a 19th century Bible hymn, just sure that I was living the life of a good Chrisitan male simply because I went to church every Sunday, a large black male startled me with a punch to the face. Then a kick to the head, and then... well, I don't remember what happened next. But what I do remember is that as I lay dying in pool of water and blood, this figure dressed in white robes took me by the hand and guided me toward this white light. I just knew it was Jesus and that he was taking me up to heaven. But then, just as we were about to enter the light, he stopped and looked at me with very sad eyes. Then he said: "Nathaniel, you think you have been a good Christian simply because you believe in me. But you haven't been. For you have not been living up to your potential. You have a gift for leadership, but have used this gift only for helping yourself, not others. Think of what you could have done if you used your powers to lead people to me. So many sould would have been saved. Now they are forever condemed to eternal Hellfire, just as you are now so condemned." And then Jesus took me by the hand again and led me in a different direction, this time in the direction of gigantic flames from which I could also hear the screams of great suffering. But he did not leave me at the entrance of Hell. No, he stepped into it with me. He led me to the torture chambers. He made me watch as demons cut and stabbed and burned. He would not let me look away as the remaining bones were ground to dust. And then, just as I thought the suffering was over, the condemed reappeared and the demons started anew. Then Jesus turned to me and spoke again. "See what you have to look forward to? See what your wasted talents have led to? Now go back and make amends." And next thing I knew I was back in the shower bleeding to death.”

So I suggest anyone who has previously tried to persuade Nathaniel to change his views should just ignore this site altogether. In either case he is just seeking attention and if nobody gives it to him he will simply give up. Move on with your lives and maybe he can move on with his. I personally hope he will seek out professional help and if he does and they say that he is in perfect mental health than I will apologize to him for suggesting he was mentally unstable, but I honestly doubt that this will be the case.

9:03 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

lisa -- i'm sorry that i have not fullfilled your purpose, which, it seems, was to convert me to your secularist ways via psychotherapy. i don't think i've ever gotten defensive about my beliefs. i've defended them, but never have i been defensive, which is to say threatened and weak. i would suggest that it is you who have been defensive, for it is you who have beliefs that are based on nothing than your own self worth. you are the one who gets angry when i don't respond to your "therapy." i'm not really even trying to convert anyone; instead, i'm just preaching about the bible. it speaks for itself. people can choose to listen or not; it's there eternal life and happiness. in any event, i would suggest, since psychotherapy makes you so happy, you get some Adderall from a doctor, undergo thousands of hours of therapy, and see where that gets you when the end times come.

PS -- i still don't understand why everyone thinks this site is a joke.

11:52 AM  
Blogger lisa said...

Just so you know Psychologist aren't allowed to prescribe drugs. When I someday practice psychotherapy I will be doing so solely by talking with people and helping them to realize what is causing there strange behaviour and enabling them to correct it, but it doesn't really matter anyway. I figured I should just clarify that because I don't think pumping people full of drugs will solve their problems and I don't advocate it.

7:35 PM  
Anonymous Kia said...

Des: I'm siding with you on the Xmas debate.

Parnell: It isn't likely that people are going to what you say simply because you throw a temper tantrum, especially since you've done nothing to earn the respect you "demand." Also, when God gave us the earth, I think he expected us to take care of it and not to abuse it! After all, how would you feel if you gave your children a gift and they destroyed it through laziness and misuse?

Nathaniel: People tend to think this site is a joke because of the way it is presented. Both you and Parnell twist and turn the Bible, the constitution, and other documents to suit your own selfish agenda, which shows me that you're no better off than the day you allegedly met Jesus in the shower. Whenever you're presented with information that contradicts your opinions, you refute it by blaming the "liberal media," the devil, tree-huggers, witches, pagans, or all of the above. People need read no further than the above posts to see what I'm talking about, and they're not going to take you seriously when your arguments don't hold water.

Lisa: I agree with you 100%, and I'm out of here too! I'd like to keep in contact with both you and Des, though. See your blog for details.

12:30 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

kia -- why is it that i'm the one that twists the bible and the constitution to fit MY agenda. I would say differently: it is you who twists them to fit your agenda.

that's too bad you've given up on the site, but i have to say i never thought it would last this long. and at least you lasted longer than the Candian, lisa. when confronted with a truth that doesn't fit their world view, people usually just condemn it and go running away. or they crucify the truth teller. in the end, that's what makes Parnell and I better people than you, because both of us relish the opportunity to engage in debate with opposing ideas. unlike many Christians who will condemn things like Harry Potter, we've actually read and experienced MOST of the things we are against. we do this because we are confident in our faith.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Kia said...

Nathaniel, while you and Parnell may be confident in your faith, you seem to have forgotten something very important. Jesus' message was one of love, not of hatred and intolerance in the name of God.

While I relish a good debate, you aren't going to convert me to your way of thinking, and I'm obvioulsy not going to convert you to mine. So its pointless to continue to argue about it, and I have better things to do with my time.

1:23 PM  

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