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Copernicus, Galileo -- The Church Was Right the First Time

"For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." 2 Timothy 3

Science, you know, is evil. I've said it many times before, and I will probably say it many more. Today we are in a great struggle between the evils of science and the truth of faith in our Lord and Savior; and somehow it seems the Devil has been able to so corrupt the minds of the public, he's convinced even good Christians that science -- a filthy, twisted form of witchcraft "proven" by calculations and theories -- and its explanations are correct, for they are testable and subject to "peer review," whereas the Word of God is not. So science, we are told, is never wrong. But this is merely propaganda; science is no more testable than the fact that God created earth and created man in His image. The world is billions of years old scientists say; but I say: prove it! Carbon dating is merely a tool of the Devil. Unless a scientist has really tested carbon dating, going back in time thousands or millions of years to when so called fossils first died and verifies the accuracy of the carbon date result, then all the "proof" that the earth is billions of years old, that dinosaurs ruled the earth millions of years ago, is not really proof at all, but simply a mind game that the Devil plays with us. And all this evidence of other planets, solar systems, galaxies, all this evidence that the universe is actually growing? Have we tested telescopes? Did Galileo actually fly out into space to verify what his telescope saw? Even Copernicus-- did he take a space shuttle to watch the earth revolve around the sun? I highly doubt it, just as I highly doubt that the earth is NOT the center of the universe. So when the Hubble telescope sends us "pictures" of some distant galaxy, how do we really know that what we are seeing is anything more than dirt on one of its fancy lenses or scientist phlegm that was accidentally sneezed into the machine? How do we know it's not the work of the Devil? Yet intelligent design gets ridiculed for not being "testable." Perhaps if some good Church elder with a PHD in Engineering or Biology were able to invent a calculation that "proved" intelligent design, it would be accepted by the scientific community and be taught in schools. But no one has yet risen to the occasion, and now the world has reached the point where even the Catholic Church, once a beacon of truth and all that is right, has succumed to the Devil, admitting the Inquisition should not have condemned Galileo. If only we Christian Soldiers could go back in time, then we could take matters into our hands and ensured that Copernicus and Galileo were properly punished for their heretical beliefs...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carbon dating is faliable, and depending on what type of carbon dating you are using (yes, there is more than one way to carbon date things), not very accurate. Anyone who says it is not is... well, not very scientific. Scientists may not be able to go back millions of years to get that exact sample, but they can take something that they previously knew the date of

Actually, all science is falibable. It is only truth until something else proves it wrong. It has happened many times, it will happen again many times.

You claim to be educated, but do you know how any of the things you have cited in this post actually work, scientifically? Have you actuall researched any of this? If you had, you would not be saying things like saying something we see through the Hubble telescope is just a piece of phlegm. The conditions that the Hubble telescope was built under do not allow for this kind of thing. Anything that is built to go into space is built in an evnvironment as clean and sterile as we can get it. The people working on it have to wear suits over their clothes, and put on special boots and gloves and helmets.

We have tested telescopes. You do not have to look at the stars with a telescope, you can look a cross a field. If you see a sheep in the telescope, and the sheep is there in real life, and you go up to the sheep and touch it, and go back to the telescope and see it again, does that mean the sheep is also the devil trying to trick us? Telescopes and binoculars and microscopes work just like the human eye does. Then, by your reasoning, we cannot trust what our own eyes see unaided, either. Therefore, I cannot trust what you are typing, because the devil may be rearranging the words infront of my eyes.

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Anonymous questions suggest true faith said...

So you are willing to consider the possibility that the devil planted billions of pieces of corroborating evidence proving things the "cult of science" want us to believe in order to lead us to the devil but you won't consider the possibility that the devil planted the Bible, which has little to no corroborating evidence that is not internal, on earth in order to lead us to him. I find that a little hypocritical.

Also I am reposting something I put up on another post since you failed to reply to it.

Just to make myself clear I do believe God exists. I just don't think that he would want us to go without questioning something that claims to be his words. We really do have no way of knowing that the bible is his words and I don't think blindly following it is going to get us anywhere. I still believe we should have faith in Christianity and God but it should not be solely about what the Bible says, it should be more about what our lives teach us for He shapes our destinies, that much is certain. I just don't want to stand before God and have him tell me that I was a fool for not questioning The Bible when it can't be proven from our history. That's not to say we can't learn from it we just shouldn't make all of our decisions solely on the Bible until we know for certain which divinity, God or Satan, inspired it. If you look within yourself for the answers I'm sure you will be surprised at how often the Bibles teachings can go against your own experiences and your conscience. So just don't let the Bibles words blind you from your own conscience and your own experiences. At least we can say our experiences were made through God's decisions.

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Blogger Nathaniel said...

qstf -- some things I do not doubt simply because of faith. my faith, though, was not created in a vacuum. it is based on reading the Bible and seeing the universal truths in it and accepting it as truth. sure, i could pick and choose the parts that would make my life simpler and fit my world view (a world view warped by the liberal media, witchcraft, and other various groups controlled by the Devil), but that would lead me to moral relativism. When I look at science I do not see the inherent good or universal truths that I see in the Bible. All I see is a field infested with a lack of concern for morality, for corrupting the world as God gave it to us; all I see is a field that is symbolic of the self-centeredness of man, determined to push "forward" simply because it can, while definings what, exactly, forward is, regardless of the consequences.

as for you initial comments, your reasoning is based on self interest. it is easier for you to question, for when you question things it gives you a loop hole to do what you want, rather than what the Bible teaches is good, which may be something you don't want to do. The Bible was given to us by God. No matter how long you live, inventing a moral answer as situations come up will never be as good as what God has given us. I realize that you are facinated by history and insist that the Bible can't be proven from history; but I say this is even more evidence of its greatness -- the fact that it exists outside of history. scientists have invented all these theories for the creation of the universe -- the big bang theory, for example -- but I ask them: what came before that? what caused the so called big bang? how was something created from nothing? I'll tell you what it was: the word of God. The Bible is also the word of God -- as powerful as any words He may have used to create the universe (that is even if you believe in a universe or that the sun revolves around the earth, etc., etc.) and the Bible's mysteries are just as true. Somehow scientists simply accept this big bang theory without really questioning what happened in the very beginning when there was nothing. I don't know why it's so hard for people to do the same thing with the Bible. Actually, I do know -- they are not willing to sacrifice their material happiness for what it would mean if the Bible is literally true. it's much easier for them to put faith in science, because they can take all it has to offer without really giving anything... accept for their souls, which will suffer in eternal hellfire.

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