Monday, November 06, 2006

Let our voices be heard this election day!

Tomorrow is election day, and I want to do everything in my power to ensure that the evangelical Christian vote is heard tomorrow at the polls! The Christian values voters must let their voices be heard! I pray that all conservative evangelicals show up to vote tomorrow, and I pray that all liberals stay home, and if they do not stay home, then I pray that they will be confronted and challenged at the polls by GOP poll watchers, who, I pray, will use the toughest tactics possible to prevent secular liberals from voting.

This poem was written to inspire all conservative evangelicals to vote and let their voices be heard!

We have come,
Good fellows of the Lord,
To a crossroads in our being.
We must understand,
What is truly at stake,
As soldiers of the Lord.

We will raise up our voices,
Into the night!
We will take a stand,
And we will fight!

Are we not the children of the Lord?
Or the dust of a future past?
We raise our voices in the night!
Crying to heaven!!
And will our voices be heard?
Or will they Break Like The Wind!

We are the footprints across the sands,
We are the thumb on a stranger's hand,
We made a promise in the night!
Crying to heaven!!
Is this a promise that we keep?
Or one we Break Like The Wind!

We will forever sing this endless song,
We send our hearts into the night!
Soaring to heaven!!
And will our voices be heard?
And will our hearts still beat on?
Or will they Break Like The Wind!
Break Like The Wind
Break Like The Wind.

Let us not go silently,
Into this good night!
We will take a stand,
In the final fight!


Anonymous Ewap said...

Dr. Parnell, as a lover of freedom, would it not be more satisfying for you to see the liberals simply lose a fair election outright rather than preventing them from voting, thereby rigging the election and removing one of the fundamental freedoms in this country? It seems as though a victory gained by a sort of electoral cheating would be far less satisfying than a true victory at the polls.

Also I'd like to repeat my question from an earlier entry since as more entries get posted old comments get lost in the shuffle:

What you seemed to be suggesting in your response to my question about the death penalty was that once a human has committed a heinous sin such as murder, they have committed that sin with "every fibre of their being." Therefore you believe that their life, and the life of their cells, is forfeit. Would you take issue with research on stem cells from those condemned to death? Also, how do you know that God gives diseases to people? Couldn't it just as easily be the devil attempting to strike down those that would otherwise be stalwart Christians?

9:17 PM  
Blogger Dr. JD Parnell said...

Ah yes, your point being that we should just let the secular liberals storm into the polls and have their way. As a fellow fundamentalist evangelical republican, I hope you can see that this is an unacceptable strategy that is doomed to failure because it allows people who disagree with what is morally right to simply have their own way. Such a strategy of laying down in the face of the Satanic onslaught amounts to nothing short of High Treason in the Court of Heaven. It is true that I do, indeed, love freedom, but it is a truly righteous form of freedom in which I believe - namely the freedom to obey the laws of God and his Christ.

5:25 PM  
Anonymous Ewap said...

And as for my question about stem cell research on the condemned?

5:28 PM  
Blogger Led Head said...

" I hope you can see that this is an unacceptable strategy that is doomed to failure because it allows people who disagree with what is morally right to simply have their own way."

Not necessarily. Freedom and democracy is all about give and take, is it not?

BTW...I was pleased to see some variation in your poetry this time. Also, that the subject matter isn't full of hate.

12:05 AM  
Anonymous Yarr! I am Grendel! said...

Arr! I am Grendel! I am Grendel! Yarr!! Ra ra ra I am GRENDEL!

As a conservative liberal democratic republican I am totally in support of the righteous acts of kicking turban's off the heads of fundamentalists AND keeping the roads juicy.
Translation: I AM GRENDEL!

There's this whiny bitch by the name of Madrid in my county, she acts like a chihuahua. Those are those tiny yappy dogs that hump your leg, like the old Taco Bell dog. That was a chihuahua, only Madrid is more rat faced and annoying. She's on the democratic side, so naturally I'm for the republican side in this circumstance.

Parnell, I certainly welcome you to try and keep voters from voting the next time you get a chance, for... legal reasons.
Grendel must extract nutrition from Beowulf's head, after Grendel finds out where Beowulf hid Grendel's arm.

2:26 AM  
Anonymous Three Headed Grinch said...

yarr! i am grendel!-
I delight in the utter lack of relevance in that statement.

I'll just say this to you Parnell/Nazerath or whomever wrote this article (I'm too lazy to care). If you have the ability to write poetry, you obviously aren't only useful to cannibals.

2:33 AM  
Anonymous Golam said...

We *hates* turbans! We *hates* them!

Roads juicy? Juicy sweet, juicy sweet!

12:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this poem an 11.

3:33 PM  
Blogger Dr. JD Parnell said...

Anonymous, I am most pleased that you appreciate the greatness of my poem. While, I don't know all the facts concerning your religous and moral convictions, I suspect, at this point, that you are probably not one of hellfire bound.

9:32 AM  

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