Wednesday, June 21, 2006

You Can't Handle The Truth!!!

Some people love the Iraq war, some people hate it; and whichever side you fall on, you are entitled to your opinion. But one thing we probably all agree on is the fact that our troops are heroes, defending our freedom against those that hate it. Yes, we've all heard the stories about the torture (as though torture is a bad thing) and the killings in Haditha, but bad things happen in times of war, and the fact that the liberal media and Democrats continue to harp on one or two examples of misbehaving soldiers (and who really knows if the stories are true, anyway, since Muslims are scheming liars) is another clear example of the Devil attempting to tear down institutions worthy of God.

Since the war first began I found myself pondering what, exactly, has made our men in uniform so heroic. Then I read this (and this) about the military being a place where evangelicals thrive and spread the word of God freely. This certainly has given our men the strength to wield the righteous sword of God against our enemies. Not that the spread of the Christian faith in the military is without its enemies. And then I read this. So not only is the belief in the Lord Jesus Christ rampant among our soldiers, Christian values are being institutionalized by the Pentagon, itself! Homosexuality IS a mental disorder, and what other company or institution in America has the strength to speak such truth this day and age? And I have no doubt that these examples of the Christian Way being embraced by our armed forces is the soul reason they have been so successful at defending our freedom and turning regular, small town guys into heroes.

But that isn't really the point of this post. No, as I've watched the constant suicide bombings and our ineffectual and Satanically-corrupt politicians bungle the war in Iraq, I've come to the conclusion that the military needs to be brought home. Not that I'm against a war in Iraq, per se; for I have no doubt that using the heroes of our armed forces to convert the heathens in Iraq to Christianity would be an honorable and good thing, certain to prevent terrorism forever more. But the fact of the matter is, the secularists and liberals would never let our military be used for such a righteous cause. So rather than waste precious lives giving Muslims freedom to worship a heathen God, we need to bring our boys home to fight the sin and filth that has worked its way deep into the foundations of our society. They could be used to go door to door to search for signs of sin, like pornography, same-sex couples, and rock and roll; they could be used to root out the tools of the devil, like secularists and witches, like those who oppose our army being used as a force for good. Not only this, but we could take advantage of the same power that converts your average middle american boy into a hero and turn the sinners of this country into God-fearing Christian heroes. What I am imagining is something not unlike a combination of the movies A Few Good Men and Glory. All of those rounded up in the purge of Satan's influence would be forced to join the military and the draft would be re-instituted. I realize that many of those newly pressed into service will be disobedient and turn a deaf ear to the glories that the military has to offer. That is why we would then take a page from the movie A Few Good Men and call Code Red after Code Red on the obstinate, beating them into submission. Homosexuals, witches, secularists -- they may fight, but with rags stuffed down their throats and their bodies beaten with bars of soap wrapped in towels, they would quickly forget their addiction to the Devil. After a few months I have no doubt that we will have turned these lost souls that nobody thought would ever amount to anything wholesome and good into an elite fighting force. It's this kind of thing, this kind of sacrifice, that true freedom -- freedom from eternal hellfire -- requires.


Blogger Wrin said...

*sigh* If liberals, homosexuals, witches, and secularists were truly affected by the devil they would simply wait until they were deemed ready and received weapons then slaughter the people trying to convert them. If you truly believe the Bible, you should know that Satan is supposed to be clever. He was, after all, an angel at one point, right?

10:41 AM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

wrin -- if satan were THAT clever, he'd still be in Heaven. but in any event the possibility you mention is exactly why it's of paramount importance to bring our boys home NOW, before the Devil's army is armed and dangerous. but maybe they are already locked and loaded, in which case it is still imperative to use our heroes right this second to bring goodness to our country before the Devil's minions get even stronger. we're going to have to battle Satan at some point, anyway.

11:33 AM  
Blogger Wrin said...

So you would leave the people living in fear of the terrorists with no hope of ever being truly free? I'm just trying to follow your logic here. Shouldn't American troops be there in the Middle East where they can do the most good?

1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, i started laughing a bit when i came across this site. That someone should have such predujuiced, biased views while calling himself a christian. It is one thing to try and spread the word of God, but to do so while blatantly ignoring several biblical doctrines is just hypocritical.
Just some examples:
1) Is not one of the commandments love thy neighbor? By promoting hatred and segregation against certain people (namely homosexuals and non-believers) you are not showing love. You show only intolerance and hatred to these groups. I'd like to know how many people from these groups have personally done something to negatively affect your life. Jesus did not blame the people that put him to death. He only pitied them, because he knew something they were unwilling to see themselves.
2)I believe that in the Bible it states that only God can wage war, holy war. He will be the instrument and the army used to fight this war. Beleiving in Him does not give one the right to borrow this "holy-war right" of His. Never mind the other commandment that states, "Thou shalt not kill." Where there an exception that made it alright to kill as long as you are fighting for "God?" Is there such a thing as a situational commandment?
3)I, for one, do not believe our soldiers are heroes. Signing up with an institution that promotes death and violence is not a noble or heroic thing in my eyes at all. And are the Islamic soldiers less heroic for doing basically the same thing? Assuming that our soldiers are fighting for what they believe in, how hard is it to believe the same thing of our enemies? If you support your troops, you support war. There is no way around that.

I'd like to end this by posing a question to you, and the others who contribute to this site. I think i can safely suggest that either a) you believe that God gave us humans free-will, or b) you believe in pre-destination and God has a plan all laid out.

If you believe in (a), then you have no right to say the things you do, because it's an individual's choice to live as they wish and God will sort it out in the end.
If you believe (b), then God's plan includes people behaving the way they do, and you don't have any right to judge them...unless you consider yourself equal with the Lord.

My question, then, is this: What do you believe?

3:04 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

wrin -- i would indeed. for one thing, most of these people are terrorists. for another, because they do not beleive in the lord jesus christ, they will never be free, anyway. islam is a "religion" of terror. why should we waste the lives of our good men defending it?

9:34 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

anonymous -- i do love my neighbor. but that doesn't mean i would not slap him or torture him to bring him to the light of Christ. i spank my own children when they misbehave; i get angry at them, saddened, and i have expectations of them. so why not my neighbor. and homosexuals and witches -- i guess one could call them my neighbor, and i love them, too. but just as if a family member were to activel promote evil, i would fight them every step of the way. i don't have to accept the fact that they're evil; in fact, it is my duty as a good christian to guide them to a righteous life. that's the problem with you secularists. oh, i don't want to interfere; oh, they're just being themselves, it has nothing to do with me! well you are stupid and weak and will burn in hell; for when people do wrong it is up to the good to force them to do right. and FYI i do not believe in the death penalty and have stressed this fact many a time. the good the doctor, on the other hand, does believe in it in some instances, and that is his perogative, and we agree to disagree.

as for your question, i do believe people have free will, but i'm not sure how you get from point A (believing people have free will) to point B (having no right to judge them). just because people have free will does not mean they can do no wrong. God gave us free will as a test to see who is worthy of being brought Heaven. and you can say that we should still not judge others because of said test, but is the duty of good Christians to do their utmost to bring people to Christ. not only this, just in purely selfish terms, when sinners such as yourself pollute society with your free will, you directly impose your beliefs on us by causing crimes and corrupting our children with your unGodly ideas. so just for survival we must judge and correct you.

9:44 PM  
Blogger Led Head said...

I don't think anyone really "loves" the war, but I do feel that we have a right to defend our homeland--and other nations--from terrorism. If more people had interviened prior to WWII, perhaps Hitler wouldn't have gotten as far as he did.

As for turning our military into "witch hunters," I don't think it's ever going to happen.

And when your kids get older, I hope they decide to go gay and knock some sense into you!

3:21 PM  
Blogger Led Head said...

*Goes to whiteboard*

Lets's been three or four days since he last posted...a point for Wrin, a point for Anonymous, and a point for me.

Winning arguments is such fun.

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous again. Though you can call me Sabin for the purposes of this commentary.

I'd really hate to believe that you believe the war we're fighting is anything but political.

You will not kill your neighbor, but you will torture them? How humane. You must be really tight with the Lord to be able to get away with that kind of behavior. I mean, who else can give permission to be so awful to other human beings?

I think you also took my point wrong. I didn't say anything about accepting the fact that people can be/are evil. There are other means to make them see the light, as it were, than physical violence.

I also don't appreciate being called a sinner, weak, and stupid. You'd have to get to know me real well before i even let you say it jokingly. Attacking your perceptions about people ends up being a really lame, childish attempt at making a point. So, congratulations on that part.

Oh, and i love the part you wrote about how for survival you must judge and correct us free-willed citizens. Are you worried about surviving? If you believe in the Lord and all that he has to offer in the kingdom of heaven, then "surviving" shouldn't really be a worry.

Now, i see your point about how we may corrupt your children and cause crimes...wait, no, i really don't see your point. I'd like to know what crimes i've committed and how many of your christian children i've gone around corrupting. It's a pretty bold statement you made; i'd like to see your sources. Where exactly did you learn all these things about me? Did the Lord tell you about me, or what? I'm saying i'd really like to know; i'm not trying to be funny here, i'd just like to see some facts to support your claim. And just because i brought up the idea of free-will vs. pre-destination, does not make me beleive in free-will itself.

Perhaps i was a bit hasty in the connection between free-will and the right to judge. The point i was trying to make is that if you believe that people have free-will, then the final judgement about a soul's final resting is left to God. Trying to educate people about His benevolence and the act of repenting is a fine method to try and guide them. But making threats of violence and cruelty will only push people away, exactly what you don't want to do.

Taking a clear-cut stand on subjects as touchy as religion, faith, and belief is all well and good. There exist methods, however, that will show people the light and path of God beyond telling them that they're sinners and will burn in hell.

Take a lesson from Jesus and turn the other cheek.

I'll tell you my favorite thing about religious zealots (because, let's face it, that's what you are). It's the fact that they're so certain they're right. Especially Chrisitans. Despite the fact that the Bible was written centuries after the first religion ever popped up doesn't seem to make a difference. Or the fact that it was written by men who were essentially politicians in their day.

The other thing i love about your kind of people is the fact that all i've typed out is not going to have any effect on you except to bolster your inhumane and self-righteous attitudes. You already believe yourself to be right and no amount of arguement (logical or otherwise) will have any effect whatsoever.

So good luck with the torturing and spanking of children. I hope the Lord appreciates all the bad-will, anger, and resentment your Crusade has/will bring about.

12:08 PM  
Blogger Led Head said...

*still standing at white board*

And another point for Annonymous, aka Sabin.

This puts our side in the lead by about...lets see...150 now.

12:31 PM  

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