Thursday, June 15, 2006

There's Something Wrong With Outspoken Women

The natural place for women is in the kitchen. Their role is to serve man, make and raise babies. Women, of course, deny this, leaving the home, working, getting into politics, pontificating on things they know nothing about and/or don't understand. The perfect example of this phenomenon is Ann Coulter. As many of you have probably read, she recently called a few of the 9/11 widows harpies and accused them of enjoying their husbands' deaths. And of course this is nonsense. At first even I was convinced she was right, for my immediate response to the women's' outspokenness was to question their motives. And while I still question their motives, once I heard a women -- Mrs. Coulter -- parrot my own thoughts, I knew I must be wrong. It made me think: these women may have decided to leave their places as cooks and baby factories, but not necessarily because they were glad their husbands died. I mean, if my wife had died because I thought it was due to incompetence by the government, I would speak out too, and not because I was happy. These women, then, were inspired to speak out because of tragedy and deep impact had affected their lives. And that got me thinking: that's why all women deny their duty to God and husband. Including Ann Coulter. At the time, though I wasn't sure what affected Mrs. Coulter to such a degree that she -- a supposed Christian -- decided never to get married or have children (she is unmarried and barren, btw). Then I saw this. Her tragedy, her complex is that she grew up ugly and fat. Just look at her high school year book picture -- it is the image of dumpy, depressed ugly teenager, destined to grow up angry and outspoken. I'd be willing to bet that that's what inspired most women in this world to either not have children or leave their children defenseless against the Devil as the mothers joined the working world, to cast off the righteous and good demands of God. My suggestion to women that come across this post and get angry is that they go take a hard look in the mirror and recognize that there is beauty there, somewhere at least -- if not physically recognizable, then somewhere deep in their soul.


Blogger Wrin said...

For a moment I almost thought I saw of glimmer of hope in your sad, hateful soul when I read this post. I hope some day I see more of it.

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're unamerican.

2:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you realize the kind of terrible stuff you are posting?

[[i think not.]]

10:10 PM  

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