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FMA? Homosexuals Have Already Won

I've been hearing a lot about this Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA) of late, and I'm offended. Not because our government has suddenly decided to respond because it's an election year, but because we should really be debating about the various ways we can eradicate the disease of homosexuality just as we talk about cures for cancer. It should be a given that gays can't marry. The only honest debate -- a debate not dictated by the Devil -- is one where we discuss things such as whether homosexuals should be kept in cages, castrated, or marked just as sure as the God-less will be condemned with the Mark of the Beast during the end times. That is why I recently enjoyed the movie X-Men III, for it was definitely an allegory about the problems with homosexuality every good Christian community faces here in America. And that is why I am disgusted about the current debate regarding the FMA and immigration. We are wasting resources sending unmanned drones to patrol our borders with Mexico; this technology should be deployed in places like Dupont Circle (in D.C.), NYC, San Francisco, and France. Surely we could be using this technology to install a Christian way of life throughout this great country of ours. Every time a drone spots a man kissing a man or a man skipping around in public in a dress our police forces could be dispatched to round them up and re-educate them in the ways of the Lord. Just imagine if we put the same efforts we put forth for things such as Social Security and health care -- utterly stupid and worthless ideas only the liberals controlled by the Devil are concerned with -- into destroying sins such as gay-ness. This whole travesty is just a reminder of why our government and the Constitution are useless, and why the Constitution needs to be burned and replaced with the Bible and our Congressmen should be dispatched in favor of Church Elders.


Blogger Ryven said...

I noticed you never once mentioned women on women in your little impotent rant there. All you griped about was men on men.

Y'know, the ones who protest the loudest are usually the ones who come out. If you have that big of a problem with gays that you have to use the Bible to justify your hatred for them, you're obviously not all that comfortable with your sexuality, or else you wouldn't feel threatened by them at all.

But you keep on having your little 1984/Equilibrium crossover fantasies. If this can't even get 2/3 majority in a predominately conservative government, then that should say that the concept of smashing freedoms based on religion is an outdated practice. 'Specially since those pesky little things called Civil Rights came along to legally bash all the hatemongers into submission.
As for me, I'll be enjoying the gay rights parade on Saturday, supporting a co-worker of mine. I'll hold a pro-gay-rights sign for you.

1:43 AM  
Blogger Wrin said...

I wonder how long Nathaniel would live without the "liberal" health care? Not long, I'd wager. Anyway, his hatemongering will come to an end some day. Whether he's put into an institution for paranoid schizophrenia (with delusions of grandeur, of course), arrested for hate crimes, or simply dies he will not last long enough to pass on more hate than we can love, Ryven. Very few people are capable of spreading spite and malice on such a massive scale, and we call them terrorists.

8:16 AM  
Blogger Ryven said...

Wrin: There are a lot of things he'd miss if the "liberal satanist government" were to be abolished. But most crackpots don't think of that. In a way, he's a distant, extreme cousin to the anarchist.


That's a comforting thought. Most people have a bit of good in them, and want to spread love and good things. It's a shame, though, that people even think like this, and place their own ideals and desires over the wellbeing and lives of others.

Hopefully, Nathaniel will get some mental help, for his family's sake, and his own sake.

As for the terrorist thing, I completely agree. Extremists of all kinds are horrible. They lose sight of what they were striving for to begin with when their thought processes are so blinded by pride.

11:29 AM  
Blogger Wrin said...

Good to know some people agree. Also, have you noticed your title messes up the alignment of your messages a bit? I'm not sure if it's too long or you have CSS in there somewhere but it's three or four lines under the 'said...' message on my browser. (Firefox

8:19 AM  
Blogger Ryven said...

It looks fine on my end, it might just be your browser....

9:27 AM  
Blogger Led Head said...

Ryven said:

"Y'know, the ones who protest the loudest are usually the ones who come out."

Yeah, and that cheesy avatar of his is a dead giveaway! And as much as I love arguing with him, I wish he'd get help.

6:23 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

ryven -- i'm not threatened by gays. i have a lovely wife who gives me more pleasure than a man ever could. no, i have a problem with gays for they corrupt our society, our children and lead them away from God. and religion will never be an outdated concept for it is the sword and armor of God.

11:53 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

wrin -- just because you don't believe in the Lord Jesus Christ or agree with me on probably most everything doesn't mean i think you should be put in an asylum. punished by your husband or whatever man would have you, yes; married off to a church elder, perhaps. but i don't call you insane. that's just mean and hateful.

11:55 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

wrin and ryven -- i'd also like to point out that terrorists kill people and i've never once advocated such a thing. the death penalty is evil after all.

11:56 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

wrin -- just for you i've changed my avatar...

11:57 PM  
Blogger Ryven said...

Nathaniel- Terrorists don't have to kill people. They just have to use fear to get what they want.

Gays don't actively lead children away from religion. They ask for the same rights that other people have. You don't have to like what they do, but as long as we live in a free country, we have to respect the rights of everyone. Dems the breaks. If ya don't like it, you know where the borders are.

Um, Wrin's a guy.

2:19 AM  
Blogger Led Head said...

Nathaniel-you may not advocate the death penalty, but some of the things you do advocate are far worse.

2:23 AM  
Anonymous Mary said...

Ok, maybe I saw a different movie than Nathaniel but from what I can recall this is how the plot went.

Humans tried to make a cure for mutants. Some wanted it but a lot of people protested. The bad guys thought the cure was evil; the good guys didn't like it but didn't plan on doing anything about it. When the evil guys tried to steal the thing that made the cure the goodguys came and beat their asses. In the end it turned out that the cure was only temporary anyway. So wasn't the moral that you can't change what you were born into?

The antagonist reminded me a little of Hitler; trying to convince everyone that a cure would ruin everything and that anyone who wanted it must be stopped. (Like how Hitler claimed that Jews were the reason Germany was in such bad shape after WWI and he wanted to kill anyone who was/supported the Jews.)

So... then this would make Nathaniel like Hitler because (while he may not want to kill anyone *roll eyes*) he wants to get rid of gays by all means. Friggin' terrorist.

2:35 AM  
Blogger Wrin said...

Did he just advocate I get punished by my *cough* husband?

Anyway...yes, DID advocate killing people. The burning of African children, in fact. You said they might be witches. Hatemongering terrorist. Just some samples of posts where you advocate killing:

For the record you've also advocated labotomy, genocide, torture, rape and many other things that sane people agree are absolutely evil. You are a sick, sick man-thing.

9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ummm hey.... yeah. Bible says stuff about gays because it was in an old book of Jewish law. They are JEWISH LAWS that were put in place because society was pretty much dying back then. So that's obviously not a legitimate source. And.... did God fax you the Bible one day? I'm pretty sure he didn't write that crap that's in it.
Oh, btw, gays don't corrupt society you dumb fuck. Do you have any idea how many gay people there are that act just like everyone else and never say a word. I have gay friends who work harder than anyone else I know for the community. So don't you ever fucking say they corrupt society.
God doesn't hate gays and neither should you.

Thank you for your stupidity,

8:10 PM  
Blogger okidot said...

keep them in cages, casterate them? woah your are an evil little redneck

7:29 AM  

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