Friday, April 07, 2006

US Soldiers Are NOT Evil

I've been accused of being evil, crazy, ignorant; and this is okay, for people who disagree with me are usually corrupted by the Devil. I'm interested, though, in what such people think of Christians such as these (also, check out their site):

"Every soldier in that building has been maimed by the Lord -- a direct judgment upon this nation for its perversions and its rejection of His word."

"They are not heroes. They chose to fight for a sodomite nation. . . . God almighty has killed these soldiers to inflict pain upon an evil nation, a severe stroke of divine judgment, retribution and vengeance."

I know such Christians take their faith seriously, and that must be respected, but their views are misguided. For one, it seems as though they believe America is the problem, rather than America has a problem, and this is false. America was founded by good Christians and blessed by God (look at our success with manifest destiny, eradicating heathens that stood in the way of our path to the ocean). While it is true that Satan has slowly but surely worked his magic throughout our society, using his minions - homosexuals, witches and activist judges, just to name a few -- to take our great country away from us, we are still a Christian nation at heart and should be working to take back our country. These protestors, though, seem to have conceded defeat in our war with the Devil and this is unacceptable. If only we could work together, we could take our country back to the times of yesteryear, where witches were burned at the stake, the Bible was taught to all children, and heretics suffered a myriad of tortures. This is the goal we should be working toward, for spreading the word of God by any means necessary is the duty of all Christians.

Also, the war on Iraq, while lost because liberals under the iron grip of Satan have battled and thwarted our President at every turn, was inspired by a truly Christian ideal of crusade against non-believers. So to blame our brave soldiers, protesting, even, at their funerals, who fight this great fight is not only counter-productive, but evil.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your extreme generalization is insulting, sir. an evil man using Christianity as a media tool to gain support, just as he always has been.

9:23 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

anonymous -- your extremism is insulting! how dare you insult our president during a time of war. he may have done many things wrong, but he is a good Christian and is far from evil. his only failure has been his refusal to ban liberals and other tools of the devil, like the New York Times. when the end times come, people such as yourself will have hot pokers stuck through your tongue by beautiful angels.

10:35 PM  
Anonymous hag/sneery said...

didn't you say in an earlier post that you thought george bush might be the antichrist?

9:43 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

hag/sneery -- i thought that at one time, yes, but i've come to realize that most of the problems that have occured with his Administration are the fault of Rumsfeld or Cheney. so Bush is not the antichrist and is still a good Christian. he is probably not a perfect president, though, which is probably why liberals and other devil worshipers are allowed to use the internet to visit this site. i would have you all put in cages and poked and prodded until accept the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart.

12:44 PM  
Anonymous hag/sneery said...

Ooooh, kinky.

Is this your idea of foreplay?

7:06 PM  

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