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Manifest Destiny Manifestly Good

I always loved the idea of manifest destiny, because America, once a nation unified in Christ, was divinely ordained to take over the world. But notice my use of the word "was," for that was a long time ago, before the Devil created the liberal media, inspiring scientists to invent things like television and the internet, while witches and sorcerers cast powerful spells over the airwaves, so the public could be brainwashed into depravity and God-lessness. Yes, once we were led by the hand of God to expand ever-westward, eradicating the heathen masses as we went. It was such a beautiful thing, as our belief in Christ was turned into an all powerful sword to crush the Indians that opposed us. But somewhere along the way, before we were able to take over Canada and Mexico, the Devil intervened, using the Indians as proxies. As we went westward, powerful Indian shamen backed by Satan cast spells on some of the settlers, corrupting their minds with impure thoughts the way the witches of Salem once did in Massachusetts. Back in Salem, though, the good Christians were able to rid themselves of such evil; but the sheer enormity of the Indian population made it a near impossible task in this instance. This was enough to keep us from taking over the world with Christ (at least until the good Christians of the land take their country back from Satan's minions), because the settlers lost the grace of God. Just look at places like California and Oregon -- homosexual bastions of filth and decadence, the stain of their ancestors permanent.

Those of you that read this site know we are a long way off from ever being again worthy of God's grace, with activist judges, liberals, homosexuals, and feminists working day and night to thwart His will. This, of course, saddens me as I am sure it saddens you all; but the fact we were once so blessed to be manifestly destined to give glory to Christ by expanding ever westward until the whole world flew under the flag of America makes our fall all the more depressing. And now -- and this, really, is the purpose of this post -- it seems Satan is thumbing his nose at us Christians Just as we thought there may be a light at the end of the tunnel, as states like South Dakota moved to outlaw what may, in fact, be the greatest crime in the history of the planet -- abortion -- the Indians, heathens we had once been so close to conquering, will be offering the evil procedure out of reach of our laws. It was bad enough when they began opening casinos, but now it seems children of Satan will be able to abort God's gift to all of us while gambling with their own souls. And this is not the worst of it, for while like the aborted in the "civilized" world being used in medical experiments, the aborted at the hands of the Indians will certainly be used for their weird potions and stews. In fact, I'm so upset about it at this moment, I think I'll go write a poem in dedication to all the babies that will be lost at the hands of the Indians....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, I only read your site because you're so insane it's hilarious. You should really speak with a therapist. I mean, really think about it. You support the burning of children on the off-chance they are Satan's minions, you support the eradication of an entire people over conversion, you think we should bomb people just because they aren't do know that Christian means Christ-like, right? Would Jesus of Nazareth have condoned these things? No. He would have done his best to spread the word of God and let them know of any specific sins he saw. People saying they are Christians and going around soiling Christ's good name with this kind of violent, hateful falsehood are the primary reason for people not being able to accept him. You should be ashamed.

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Matthew said...

Heathen masses.

Despite being right out livid at your racism to an entire race of people, I'm going to be as nice as my heart will allow.

Is your hatred of the Indians really because they're paganistic?

"Yes, once we were led by the hand of God to expand ever-westward, eradicating the heathen masses as we went. It was such a beautiful thing, as our belief in Christ was turned into an all powerful sword to crush the Indians that opposed us."

You honestly sounded like Hitler. Your prejudice is unacceptable, secular or holy. I am honestly dissappointed that you, who stands confidently and preaches quotes from the Bible, promote such slander. You're hinting at genocide.

10:32 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

matthew -- i'm offended at what you just accused me of. are you saying that the good Christian inspiration that drove this country westward and made it what it is today was Hitler-like? manifest destiny is another example of people dedicated to God reaping the gifts He gives them. Just as God gave the Jews Israel, he gave us America. we should be proud of this and not hang our heads in shame.

11:56 PM  
Anonymous Matthew said...

I'm not talking about manifest destiny, I'm talking about YOU.

Sure, coast to coast America is dandy, but to "slaughter the heathen masses called Indians"?

We could've created America just as well if we hadn't killed the Indians. Just because they're not Christian, doesn't mean they need to be eradicated.

5:36 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

matthew -- I personally don't advocate the eradication of Indians. However, the fact that they were eradicated is just an example of God's will and wrath, and I am always pleased when God reveals himself to humanity to teach us lessons. I am also happy that America was so blessed at the Indians' expense, given our motivation at the time was to spread Christianity. I believe I wrote about this in another post (women have half-formed brains, if I remember correctly), but it is in man's nature to take pleasure in revenge. and the fact of the matter is that indians were and are heathens, so therefore I am pleased that God struck them down.

4:18 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

anonymous -- i am not insane, i swear. and you are wrong about jesus. just look at the book of revelation. it is proof that Jesus and God are especially vengeful when their messages are not heeded. also, i am not interested in people who don't accept Jesus because they cannot accept consequences for their actions. Isn't that called wanting cake and eating it too? what kind of Christian is like, well, he's a good guy, and maybe even the son of God, but, well, he gets really mad at people who sin and condemns them to hell. Such Christians are not interested in truly spreading the word of God and making this world a better place. They will not be raptured up with the good Christians who actually embraced the Bible and were fueled to evangelize by its message.

4:24 PM  
Anonymous Matthew said...

And where is your proof to these claims? Other than the bibile- I mean, anyone can open a dictionary to find the definition. But it takes true wisdom to see it yourself.

So far, everything you've said on this blog has been an opinion, though you promote it as a fact. When someone questions you, you say "see, here it is! In the book of...!" or "You cannot see my truth because you are a sinner! Satan blinds you!"

To you, there's no such thing as a good person with different beliefs.

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Matthew on this. You seem to think that anyone who does not share your explicit and radical beliefs cannot be good no matter how they act. Either way, you are using the "nature of man" (ie "it is in man's nature to take pleasure in revenge") to justify your lack of effort in overcoming these flaws. That is what truly good people do, Christian or no. Whether or not someone will be saved because they accept Christ and spread his word, the should strive to improve themselves just as hard if not harder than they strive to improve others.

9:13 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

anonymous -- there is only right and wrong. those that are right are good, those that are wrong are bad. in this age of liberalism you've been brainwashed that there is an in between and that people don't have to be Christian and follow the words of Jesus to be good, but that is false. there is certainly a veil of ignorance that covers the eyes of many this day and age, and you are one. people like you should be covered head to toe in a burka just like muslim women, except you wouldn't even be allowed slits for your eyes. spiritually, this is what you all are like, so why not physically? yes, when we Christians rise again to power, things will change for the better: heaven on earth is coming and you are not invited!

10:41 PM  
Anonymous Matthew said...

"there is an in between and that people don't have to be Christian and follow the words of Jesus to be good, but that is false"

I believe good non-Christian people can get into heaven. You can't condemn 3 billion people who believe just as firmly as you about their religion. Some of them even believe Christians are wrong. For all you know, you could get to the afterlife and stand before a bunch of Hindu gods. You've never been to heaven or hell, you're just as blind as any other Christian, Pagan, or devil worshipper- whether you care to admit or not.

8:45 PM  
Blogger Will said...

I'd like first to say something about "manifest destiny" So much blood was spilled, if you'll read the scripture you will see the idea of raising your hand against ANYONE for ANY reason was completely at odds with Jesus' message. The only reason we lament it now is there weren't good enough missionaries around to do the real work of the church.

Second I would like to address the notion of "heathens" ie those whose beliefs and ways of knowing God differ from yours. The rest of the world cannot be forever shut out of your thoughts, at the very least your passion should be enflamed with converting them if anything. Christ wanted us to love each other and we have turned his word into one of hate.

10:17 PM  

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