Saturday, April 22, 2006

Jesus Loves Shame and Humiliation

My brothers and sisters in Christ never fail to amaze me! As you all know, I've advocated using the tools of the Devil against Satan and his followers. One way is to incorporate the evil devices scientists have created into our own arsenal to spread the Word of God and to protect ourselves from further influence from the Devil. Another is to adopt some of their manipulative methods. And here is a perfect example of my brothers and sisters in action. Of course, the site I've linked to is planned parenthood, a group where many of its members eat fetus and placenta as part of weird satanic rituals, and of course the site complains about our Christian trickery, but my-oh-my have we behaved righteously. There is nothing wrong with duping those about to commit attempted murder, for they have been duped by the Devil into thinking it's okay to literally suck the life out of the unborn. I'm especially proud that the Christians responsible for this deception-of-life took the initiative to shame and humiliate the teenager by calling her parents' work, talking to her friends at school, and calling the police. Shame and humiliation are the perfect punishments for crimes against God, for it's exactly what the Hell-bound will experience for an eternity -- that and an infinite amount of pain and suffering. In the days of yore, shame and humiliation were encouraged. Just read the Scarlet Letter; just look to history and read about the public hangings and executions, about the tortures that would leave people permanently disabled and disfigured. There would be no need for jails, for we would all be too frightened to commit crimes. We would all cling to our belief in God and live righteously. Just thinking about it has inspired me to go write another poem. I'm thinking it will be for children, since they are especially susceptible to S&H. I will, of course, post it when I am done.


Anonymous Led-Head said...

Um...I doubt if many children read this blog. If I had kids, I certainly wouldn't allow it.

5:21 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

led-head -- children do, in fact, read this blog. i could definitely understand a parent's desire to keep their child away from it, though, given that children should not be exposed to the filth that I rail against in my posts. I put the poems and bedtime stories up only because some parents can read such things to their children. i've found them very helpful in teaching moral lessons to my own children, and i know of others at my church who have done the same.

6:33 PM  
Anonymous Matthew said...

If you want children to get your message, I wouldn't recommend posting a picture of a fetus on the blog (even though I just thought it was a melted doll). I just a bit too vulgar.

Or a woman being tortured.

Or with bruises on her face. Especially if you say it's a good thing.

7:58 PM  
Anonymous Led Head said...

You read those stories to your kids? Yikes!

You are disturbed.

8:10 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

matthew -- you probably also don't believe in spankings for children. children need to be shown the results of sin, if only to scare them to the light! i can still remember being sent to the whipping room in my house (it was actually a tool shed in the back). i was rarely actually whipped, but simply made to face a wall where the sticks and whips were hung, and it scared the Devil right out of me. if we feed our children images of aborted fetuses and abused women, they will avoid the actions that lead to hell. in this time of television and video games it is even more important that we punish our children effectively. The devil has so many ways to take them over from such a young age...

5:07 PM  
Anonymous Matthew said...


Well, I'm guessing chivalry and civility to you.

Although, I do spank my younger sibling, I don't bruise him, nor do I emotionally abuse him.

Yes, children can be evil, but going to steal their innocence by revealing to them the greater evils in the world. At least not just to prove a point. And not too much to blind them completely.

And when I'm old enough to have children, I'll be sure to teach them the greater good without violence. Fear is such a low form of respect. Respecting Jesus because he can leave you to eternal damnation is equal to respecting a murderer because he could kill you. I want them to love Jesus, not fear his wrath. However, I do want them to acknowledge the possibility that he can leave them to eternal damnation.

P.S.- I hope your children are home schooled. These days, department of social services is one the first phone numbers they're taught. They teach kids about domestic violence now. YOU WILL GO TO JAIL.

7:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're still just as crazy as you were the last time I told you that you are insane.

9:58 PM  

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