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A Comment on Women (Why More than 25% need to be beaten)

Apparently 25% of married Syrian women have been beaten. At least according to the UN -- not exactly the most trustworthy organization, given that it will be the vehicle that antichrist uses in his rise to power. But let's assume it's true, and let's assume it's true for all women, in general. Immediately one must question whether 25% of women being beaten is a bad thing, simply because the UN, with it's "study," implies that it is. Anything the UN says is good must be bad, and vice versa. So if the UN is saying that what's happened is bad, then it's most likely good, unless, of course, they have released this study for some other purpose without regard to the morality of the facts, like to hide a nefarious plot to steal the United States' sovereignty.

In this case, I think the fact that women are being beaten is good, but we could be doing better. And here's an example of why. Yet again we are given another example of the inherent differences between men and women, and yet again the inherent differences reveal the inferior, prone-to-evil nature of women. The fact that men are effected more greatly than women by amphetamines is proof that men's brains are naturally more innocent than women's. Man is profoundly effected because he is inherently good and meant to experience pain and suffering without feeling so unnaturally good except when embraced by the love of God. Woman, on the other hand, exists in a drug-like state, because the Devil has so much power over her. And because she's already drugged, real drugs don't have such a powerful effect on her. I would be willing to bet, however, that if you were to run the same tests on Christian women, they would be just as powerfully effected as men. In any event, this is an example of why more than 25% of women need to be beaten, because since women are so inherently bad, it follows that more than 25% of them commit bad, un-God-ly acts and should be punished to keep them in line and bring them to Christ.

And here's another example of why women should be beaten. As I've stated before, God is punishing women by changing their shape so they are less attractive. Now, however, scientists have come up with a formula for the perfect female figure. It is only a matter of time before they or their witch brethren invent some type of potion to make mis-shapen women fit into the formula and thus into clothes that fit and make them look beautiful again. Clearly, the Devil is trying to bring women to his side, and we all know how women can be controlled through their self-esteem. Therefore, it is imperative that we men keep control over the situation with beatings. Otherwise, nearly all women will succumb to their natural impulses and pre-marital sex, abortions, and theivery will run rampant over society. When this happens, I'm afraid, the UN will most likely use the situation to bring it into position to be the world's government, and we will be helpless to stop the rise of the antichrist.


Anonymous Matthew said...

*sigh* I feel sorry for the woman who has you.

Yes, that's smart, beat the half of the human race the carries humanity into the next generation. Women are not cattle, they are not children. Women are men's equals, EQUALS. And no number of Bible passages or sexists is going to change that, so don't even try throwing the book in my face.

Although you given blatant proof that you've been physically and mentally abused during your childhood, I still why you think a child watching his mother beaten in front of him is so appealing.

I swear, I think you say these things to offend people. My mother was abused, my grandmother was beaten to death by my grandfather, how DARE you scrutinize the half of the human race that has to carry man's sins on their backs. Next you're probably going to say rape is the women's fault.

I don't know what god you worship, but it's certain not the Christian god I know.

7:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen Matthew.

But of course anyone who disagrees with him worships the devil, so there you have it.

9:32 PM  
Anonymous Ann O'Nymous said...

I shall pray for you, Nathaniel.

I shall pray that you get the help that you so desperately need, before it is too late.

10:11 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

ann o'nymous -- before it is too late? do you know something about the future that i am not aware of? you are obviously a witch if you're able to see my future. this being the case, i will pray for you, since there is some kindness in your soul, given your prayers.

12:49 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

matthew -- you are one misguided man, probably whipped by your g/f or wife into submission. we carry the sin of women on OUR backs. we did not eat the apple. they did, because women have an inherent weakness to them because they were created from merely the rib of Adam. something was obviously defective in this rib. that is also why they are not our equals. and women are man's property, for the rib was Adam's property, and it only seems fair that anything made out of one's body is theirs to rule over, as well.

and i'm not saying women should be abused just because. what i meant -- and it probably is my fault for not being clear enough -- is that because women are inherently evil, more than 25% of them should have been beaten at one time or another. but for doing something evil. now if your mother or grandmother had just been sitting on the couch watching soap operas only to get beaten suddenly and/or randomly, this would be wrong. and i'm sorry if that's what happened.

12:57 PM  
Anonymous Matthew said...

Both of them ate the apple, both did the crime, both punished. Not to mention that you just called somehting God made defective. All things are naturally good until met with sin. The only reason they're called evil, is because you them in that box. And for the record, all the worst occurences in history have been caused by men.

Oh Nathaniel... I'm not a man. I'm female.

4:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you hate women so much, go with the "perfect gender", and hop on that cock. Otherwise, shut the fuck up. Nobody loves you.
Certainly not your mother.
Certainly not puppies.
Certainly not daisies.
Certainly not Mother Theresa. Even though she's dead.
Certainly not straight men.
And certainly not women. Ever.
You have lost at the Intarweb.
If you have a wife, prove it. Because I'm sure everyone here doubting you would like to see a woman being subjected to this sort of abuse so "happy" in her state.

8:23 PM  
Anonymous TSC said...

Yes, prove us wrong.

If you've got the balls to post an actual picture of yourself and your brainwashed, and apparently abused wife.

BTW, this is Ryven's overly content fiance. I'm perfectly happy having a woman as my equal. I treat all people as my equal until they prove themselves unworthy of my respect.

I have a feeling that you aren't even old enough to marry. This site seems to be nothing but an angry, overly angsty, teen Christian's attempt at "lashing out at society."

Based off of your thoughts on women I'd guess you're closeted as well. Turning your self hatred on the gender you feel is "responsible for your state."

Now have a nice day, and I hope to continue discussing such things with you.

8:37 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

matthew -- i did come dangerously close to calling something God made defective, and be sure that i have punished myself for it accordingly. but really all i was trying to say is that when God made eve out of adam's rib there was probably something wrong with the rib. Or -- and i try not to get into the mind of God -- maybe He made eve out of our rib to ensure our domination over women. or maybe both. in any event, it was eve who was tricked by the snake to eat the apple. and then eve seduced adam into joining her into original sin. i have a theory -- and i could be wrong about this -- but in my view Eve, being a woman and being made out of a rib, was probably very slow compared to man, but not necessarily evil. but then when she was convinced by the Devil to eat the apple, some of his power and evil infused itself into her. i would compare it to how harry potter got some of Voldemort's powers after being attacked by him (side note: please don't go off and read or watch harry potter because of the reference -- those books are evil). anyway, with the devil's power, it would make sense that she would be able to trick adam into eating the apple.

11:26 AM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

anonymous -- now everyone is generally free to post what they want on the site, but please try not to curse. think of the children. at least a few from my church read this blog.

other than that, i would love to prove you and whomever thinks i'm not married wrong, but really i'm not sure how i would ever do this. if i post a picture (which i won't due to the fact that i don't want the antichrist to know what i or my wife look like should we NOT get raptured up, nor do i want the government; and -- in this is less of a worry, but still a worry -- look at what's been happening on myspace with children posting photos of themselves), who's to say it's really my wife? i could post a picture of anyone up. don't get me wrong, i would really love to share my life with you, if only because you would really feel silly in the end.

man is not the "perfect gender"; it is flawed and can do evil, just like women. Look at Hitler, for example. all i'm saying is women are inherently evil. it is our duty as men to guide them to the light, sometimes through beatings. in fact, it would not surpise me (and here i go trying to get into the head of God again) if God made women weak so we would have something to take care of. humans, by nature, need pets. after adam domesticated eve, he probably went and got a donkey, and domesticating that, went and got a cow. to this day we're still trying to domesticate and take care of things. we've even got ant farms.

now is totally false that nobody loves me:

Jesus loves me,
my wife, my children,
my two dogs love me,
my Church loves me.
And i wake up every morning
and i know this,
which makes me happy.

11:58 AM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

tsc, a.k.a. ryven's man slave -- i hope ryven is doing well, and i wish you all the best in your life together, although i'm afraid you're going to find marriage is a lot of suffering without proper deference to the bible's view on the role of women. but live and learn. it's an unfortunate fact that many are driven into the arms of Christ after their lives fall apart, and you've been warned. also, i'm glad you're enjoying our discussions, for i too enjoy them. i get accused a lot of being narrow minded, but i disagree. i listen all the time to different points of view. just because i don't agree with them doesn't make me narrow minded. why are the people who disagree with me not narrow minded? they're the ones going to Hell. if i were the devil, i think i would make them write narrow minded in their own blood for an eternity.

but that's neither here nor there. i do have one problem with your comment, and that's your insistance that i'm an angst-ridden teenager. like i said in the comment above, there's really no way for me to prove that i'm married to you. and i feel it's dismissive. now i know what dave chappelle goes through when he here's himself being called crazy (he talked about it on inside the actor's studio. i'm very sad fo r him, because he seems very intelligent and funny, but he's certainly going to hell on account of being muslim). but back to what i was saying -- i can't prove to you that i have a wife and children and two dogs, but i will swear on the Bible and Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior that it's true. that's the best i can do.

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Matthew said...

While reading your responses to mine's and other's comments, I hate that you think that a female had to be "domesticated". I hope you haven't had this discussion with your mother.

If you been to a Roman Catholic church, you'd know there are about a hundred religious texts revolved around the Christian religion. During the reign of an English king (who, I believe, was a secularist) actually hand-picked books of the Bible. Most of these books were chosen specifically to keep women out of the clergy. In the time during and after Jesus, women performed roles equal to men, some higher than the disciples themselves. A good examples of the editing- Mary Magdalene. In most text of the original new testament, she was not a prostitute, but one of the most trusted disciples of Jesus (though some say she was his wife, but that's not very plausible).

2:45 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

matthew -- i have not been to roman catholic church, but that's neither here nor there. the Bible as it exists today is the perfect word of God. you can have your "religious texts" and whatever documentation you like that "proves" the bible is NOT the word of God and/or that women were equals to men, but everything you've had was put their to trick us by the secularist/homosexual/devil worshipping cabal. it's really not hard to believe, is it? throughout history there have been many examples of the truth being painted over by lies.

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Matthew said...

Then why are there so many versions of the Bible? Roman Catholic, Mormon, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, all have versions of the Bible they call their own. Hell, even Satanists have their own version.

5:41 PM  
Anonymous TSC said...

Nathaniel, I'm curious.

Why is it that you refer to everything as absolutes? You say things like "They are going to hell" and other such things on this site as if it were a proven fact. It is highly curious that you refer to your religious beliefs as facts. If you were stating facts this would be a web page about science, not religion.

Something you have to understand is that I'm an agnostic. Now don't go telling me that because of this I couldn't possibly understand religions. An agnostic is a person that does not currently have a religion. I fall under this catagory because I have trouble believing in something without there being at least a solid base of facts to go off of. Unfortunately this leaves me in a bit of a quandry being that religion is based entirely around faith.

But on to my main point. You can't refer to things in a religion as absolute facts, there is no proof, that's why it's a religion. It's something you have faith in. Having facts would nullify it from being a religion.

At least thats my take on things,

PS: As a side note, why is it that fundamentalists for any religion feel they have to throw their beliefs around as if they were facts? It seems to be a consistency between fundamentalists.

7:10 PM  
Blogger holly said...

"Anything the UN says is good must be bad, and vice versa. So if the UN is saying that what's happened is bad, then it's most likely good, unless, of course, they have released this study for some other purpose without regard to the morality of the facts, like to hide a nefarious plot to steal the United States' sovereignty."

wow. it must be great for life to be that simple for you. :)

the UN also wants all the poor people of the world to be able to drink clean water like the rest of us.

they say it's because water with deseases, parasites and chemicals kill people. mainly children.

that must be wrong, eh?

you say the UN "will be the vehicle that antichrist uses in his rise to power"

that's a pretty big premise to go on by faith. like, if yer right, they are evil. if yer wrong, and like the WTO thing will be the world body for the antichrist [my econ prof says it already has 149 of 192 countries as members and more than 2 dozen more are in the process of joining], then yer gonna look like a freakin idiot. and kids will die from dirty drinking water and you'll have said that's not true cuz an evil organization said so.

what if world vision also says kids die from dirty drinking water. the world may be a bit more complext then u think.

"proof that men's brains are naturally more innocent than women's"

well. i'm a woman. i think kids in poor countries die from drinking water. u think the UN is for the antichrist so them saying so too makes it wrong. your brain may be more innocent, but it's maybe less wise/smart too. your logic needs some work.
in touch,

Sex Tips for Christian Girls

1:28 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

holly -- well, first of all if you read the entire sentence i say something to the effect of "unless they have some other nefarious plot to steal the sovereignty of the US."

but that doesn't matter, because i will stand by the entire statement with regards to clean drinking water. the drinking water of the world is not clean because God is punishing heathens of the third world. notice how africa has been slowly but surely turning away from Christianity into a Muslim continent . Sudan, Rwanda... The UN is blantantly fighting against the will of God. Now if the UN were a missionary organization spreading the word of God in these far off, poor places, I would be in support. But by trying to make the world a better place for people who do not deserve it and should face head on the wrath of God, the UN exposes its true colors.

and you know, there is nothing worse than a woman with education. when you give inherently weak, intellectually inferior people schooling bad things come of it. that's how we got hitler and now why more women than ever are becoming abortion factories. and this is why the bible MUST be taught in schools. it's really the only way people such as yourself will be able to be educated without being swayed by the devil. i'm only saying this because you're questioning my logic. of course my logic may not be infalliable as God's but without the proper spiritual guidance the very fact you're involving yourself with logic is perilous.

in a way, you could be right about the WTO. but the thing is all or at least most of these world organizations are a tool of the Devil. As the preiminent world body, though, the UN is most likely going to be the place where the antichrist will make his mark.

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Ryven said...

"and you know, there's nothing worse than a woman with an education."

Perhaps a man who won't capitalize his sentences or proper nouns? People in glass houses shouldn't toss boulders, typos aside. :)

No no, education negates ignorance. Education, as a whole, no matter who's receiving it, is a good thing. Logic is also a good thing, and should be followed regularly. One shouldn't be discouraged from following the path pathed by logic and his or her education.

Also, a proper debate requires a response, devoid of circular logic. Circling back to the Bible on subjects that have no bearing to it (People dying of tainted water in Africa, women being beaten, ect.)isn't a valid argument. Facts should be presented. Personal experience should be presented. Not just random quotes from the Bible and a few opinions on what you think God intends.

Because there's nothing worse than an educated man so high on his horse that he's lost sight of the ground.

Also, my fiance is waiting for a response. Since you said you enjoyed this so much, I'm quite astonished that you haven't replied by now. Unless, of course, your statement was complete bull. Sarcasm aside, the second possibility is probably the case.

2:04 AM  
Anonymous sneeryhag said...

if i post a picture (which i won't due to the fact that i don't want the antichrist to know what i or my wife look like should we NOT get raptured up, nor do i want the government; and -- in this is less of a worry, but still a worry -- look at what's been happening on myspace with children posting photos of themselves), who's to say it's really my wife?

But you said you visited hell, so doesn't the antichrist already know what you look like? Besides, why are you so worried since you're the most perfect person on earth. Surely God isn't going to leave you behind.

And why are you worried about the government? Are they after you for child abuse charges, perhaps?

7:38 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

sneeryhag -- i point you to this site regarding the antichrist:

reading it, you will see that the fact that i was led through hell does not mean the antichrist has seen me.

honestly, i'm pretty sure i will be raptured up; however, only God knows, really. He could have great plans for me during the end times, or He may just want me to suffer or He may find me worthy of Rapture; in the end I will only know when I make it to heaven. and please (you or whomever reads this) notice how i recognize this next time I get accused of thinking i know everything. i only know a few things for sure -- the Bible is the word of God, being one of them.

8:02 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

ryven -- it's good of you to visit again, even though we will never agree and the fact that you are an opinionated woman makes you akin to an animal escaping out of the zoo. personally, i don't mind the occassional escaped animial escapade -- in fact, I rather like it -- if only to remind me that work still needs be done, despite the fact that the pure bliss of living in a community where almost all my neighbors are good, God-fearing Christians could lead a man into complacency.

i'm going to have to continue to disagree with you about the value of an education for stupid and/or heathen people, because education in this case is a lot like giving superpowers to the weak. i will use as my example the Green Goblin in Spiderman. There was a man who was pretty smart -- a genius even -- but did not possess the moral backbone required to be able to deal with special powers, thus his ultimate transformation into a villain. The same is true when we educate women. Being tainted by their first encounter with the Devil/snake and, perhaps, being morally-if-not-intellecutally-inferior,makes it nearly impossible to educate women about the ways of the world, science, politics, etc. without disasterous consequences like Hillary Clinton.

and i'm going to have to defend myself with regards to my supposed circular logic by saying that it's only circular to you because it's perfect and indestructable. you simply don't like it because I have something that is flawless and a guide for correct moral behavior that you, educated women, in general, homosexuals, witches, scientists, etc. etc. don't like because you all have become fat from the temptation of the Devil leading you to beleive that it is your right to basically do whatever you want, no matter what kind of abomination that might be. so you attack the Bible, or pretend to be Christian while following only the parts of the Bible you like. honestly, then, your logic is just as supposedly circular as mine, but in the opposite direction. when i say you're wrong because of the Bible, you say I'm wrong because the Bible isn't true. but you have nothing to base your opinion on, while i have the word of God.

also, i'm sorry i haven't been as responsive as usual. i've been busy with easter weekend and a variety of other things. and also, i'm sorry that i don't use correct capitalization, spelling, or grammar all the time, but this site isn't meant to be so formal. i try my best, though.

6:31 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

tsc -- those are very good questions... for someone who doesn't have faith. i'm just going to say that accepting Jesus into your heart -- truly accepting him -- is as unique and powerful experience as one can have, and when someone has said experience it's not faith any longer, but fact: you know Jesus and the Bible are truth, are entirely factual, despite what scientists or homosexuals or judges or whomever may tell you. and knowing this and knowing what lies ahead for the non believers (including "believers" that do not live as the Bible teaches, for such people haven't truly accepted Jesus into their heart. if they did, then they would not be able to help themselves but to do what is right), we "fundamentalists" as you call us feel the need to present our faith as fact. now i know that you are going to say that Muslims or whatever other non Christian religious fundamentalists do the same thing, but that is entirely diffent because they are programmed by the Devil to act in such a way. it really is a brilliant tactic, because it allows people who are unsure about their path to confuse Christian "fundamentalists" with the Muslims and thus confuse our message.

6:41 PM  
Anonymous Ryven said...

Let's test the fallability of "God".

You say that Eve is inherantly flawed because the rib she was made from must have been flawed. That means God made a mistake.

Whoops. No. God doesn't make mistakes. So he obviously put the rib there, knowing what it would make, because he is omnipotent and omnipresent.

Whoops. But that would mean he would have known what Adam and Eve were going to do, disobeying him and eating the apple, believing the Devil. Did God stop the Devil and keep Adam and Eve blissfully ignorant? No. Did God move the tree of knowledge so Adam and Eve couldn't get to it? No. Did God perfect Adam and Eve so that they wouldn't have been so naive to the tricks of the devil? No. Did God forgive them, because it'd be silly to be angry at them for something he knew they were going to do already? No.

So what's is it? Is God all knowing, all seeing, with a great, wonderful plan? Why did he get angry and wrathful when humans turned "evil" and went against his plans, destroying them in a flood, casting Adam and Eve from Eden, vaporizing Sodom, ect, ect? He knew it was going to happen. Yet he didn't fix it. He didn't correct the human race. In fact, God has been pretty inaccessable the entire time. You can pray, but you don't know that he answers. He supposedly had the power to fix all the problems presented in the bible, but he sat back and got angry instead.

Some plan. That's why I'm not a Christian. That's why it's silly to bring religion into a debate.

So tell me. Why is the UN evil for giving little children clean drinking water and a chance to do something with their lives? And don't give me the "Because I believe God blablabla" answer. I mean a real answer. A real, thought through answer that comes from something intelligent, not what a book and other religious leaders have brainwashed you into thinking.

Oh, I'm sorry. It's because they don't agree with you. Of course.

Oh, and for the animal escaping the zoo thing, I suppose you're right in a way. Zoos are where they keep wild animals in captivity. I can't really blame animals wanting to escape captivity and escape back to the wild. It's in their nature. Just as it's the human nature to break free from oppression.

Keep on insulting my intelligence, my will, and, well, everything that I am. It's giving me good fodder to work with.

You're an intelligent man. Pity the intelligence is wasted on extremism.

7:24 PM  
Anonymous tsc said...

One question. What facts exactly are you talking about that make you any different from other fundamentalists?

Did an angel come down and give you the facts and you had a pen and some paper handy?

Another question; How can you be sure that your version of the bible is the true version. Every version of the bible says this, what makes yours the one that isn't lying?

I'm sure you must have some proof to back your "facts" for what are facts without proof?

Sarcasticly yours,

7:34 PM  
Blogger Gregory said...

Dude you're insane. You've inspired me to write a blog to counter this garbage.

11:05 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

gregory - i am not insane. i know the difference between right and wrong, which, btw, is how i know that you're evil and will be going to hell. i base this on your hip hop song. i hope to counter it soon, but i am currently very busy. i will pray on it and hopefully God will choose to bless me with the proper inspiration to counter your Devil-speak.

3:53 PM  
Anonymous TSC said...

So, are you gonna reply or shall I chalk up another win for TSC?

I do enjoy winning at debates, especially against people as adamant as yourself.

11:08 PM  
Anonymous Led Head said...

*presses buzzer*

And TSC wins the debate. Congradulations, TSC.

2:51 AM  
Anonymous TSC said...

/TSC takes a bow

Why thank you, thank you.

I'd like to thank many people.

I'll start with whatever entity or entities exist beyond the grasp of my mortal mind. Thanks for making things the way they are today, I wouldn't dare assume anything about you unlike the man that makes this website.

I would also like to thanks my family, especially my mother for tolerating me as a child.

I would also like to thank my fiance Ryven, for being that for me and allowing me to have mindnumbing pre-marital sex.

To all of you who I have forgotten to mention thank you as well, I'm sure you were somehow helpful.

But I would especially like to thank Nathaniel, for making this win possible. Without your ignorance and lack of proper debating skills this never would have happened.

That is all,

3:27 AM  
Anonymous 3vangelion_2014 said...

Don't worry matthew, I highly doubt this guy has even had a girlfriend. He probably perverts the christian faith(I have nothing against chirstians, just ones that use an otherwise good religion to cover his hate) to cover up his insecurity about the opposite sex.

12:13 AM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

3vangelian -- i'm married, for one thing. and i've heard this argument before that i'm simply insecure. those that think this, however, just willfully refuse to learn the lessons of the Bible and recognize the nature of women. i don't preach because i'm insecure; i preach simply what the Bible teaches. if eve were holy woman who did no wrong and were never responsible for original sin, then i would have taken away different lessons and preached accordingly.

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Gregory House said...

Prejudice rarely ever shows much reason. I dont think its necessary for me to point out to everyone else here that Nathaniel is psychotic.
Shes also extremely gullible - quoting scripture whose origins are dubious and has been shown to be internally contradictory. A rare specimen of total stupidity. Retard of the month!!!

11:08 AM  

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