Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Who's the Better Role Model, Britney or Jessica?

I never thought I'd ever offer Britney Spears as a role model to young girls, but of late she seems to really taken heart to her role as a good Christian woman, already producing an offspring for her husband and, perhaps, pregnant with another, and thereby beginning the long road to redemption for her sins (as all good Christians know, the Bible teaches that women must redeem themselves for o.s. by making babies). And believe me, she has a lot to repent, for since the tender age of 16 she has whore-d herself for the whole world to see, including young, impressionable girls. I only hope that now these same girls are watching and learning as Britney lets her career go to waste so she can properly give thanks to God by reproducing. That is also why I am very much in support of this sculpture that has drawn so much fan fare. From the looks of it, Britney is enjoying giving birth, which exposes the lie that childbirth is painful. And the sculpture portrays Brit as sexy even though she's pregnant. Pregnant women and childbirth are rarely sexy (unless you have some weird fetish, like the one some people have for amputees, for example), but making women feel beautiful can pretty much convince them to do anything. It would not surprise me at all to learn that the Devil convinced Eve to eat the Apple by telling her it would make her hot.

Now compare Britney to Jessica Simpson, who now, it seems, wants to adopt. This is a clear example of a woman that refuses to repent for Original Sin. This is why her marriage collapsed, why her lips have started to look funny over the last six months, and why Dukes of Hazzard was a bomb at the box office. As she denies her womanhood, the public has come to recognize she is not a sex symbol at all, so she is being reduced to a plastic surgery-d monster, not unlike Joan Collins.


Blogger Electric Grandmother said...

You know what makes me really sick? Women who never have babies...seriously they should just be whipped to death at menopause. And those dikes who just adopt children or get insperminated by some gay male prostitute, they should be whipped to death too.
Myself, I have 12 children and 60 grandchildren and 20 greatgrandchildren and more on the way. Praise be to jesus, holy holy halejuah!!!!!!!!

9:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are all insane. Horribly, terribly, completely insane.

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Matthew said...

Before noting that the sculpture doesn't look much like the person, I to ask what wrong with adoption?

10:34 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

matthew -- there's really nothing wrong with adoption per se. if you want a child (assuming you're not a homosexual) but can't have any, by all means, adopt. it's only a problem when women who are fully capable of doing their duty for God, i.e. have babies, decide to adopt, instead. it's really just one step down from murder. when the woman satiated her need for children by adopting rather than having her own, she essentially murdered the unborn potential inside of her.

11:51 PM  

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