Thursday, March 30, 2006

The War, the War, the War on Christians

I've been called a liar, a bigot, a satirist, and many other horrible names -- all because I'm a proud Christian dedicated to spreading the word of God. But that is not the worst of it, for I can take the insults. What I cannot endure, however, is my beautiful faith being stripped from this country, slowly criminalized by activist judges and liberal politicians. Children unable to sing hymns or read the Bible in school, unable to have Christmas parties; all of us who believe Jesus is our Lord and Savior having to whisper his name like it is a dirty word; and, oh, the worst of it: good Christian politicians like Tom Delay being slandered by the liberal media, accusing him of corruption as though their own corruption by Satan means nothing. So Christian soldiers we must be vigilant and aware of what secularists are doing to our faith. We must take heart that politicians that truly represent us, politicians like Tom Delay, are good Christians and could NEVER do the things they are accused of. Lobbying scandal? Are you kidding? As we all know, not only does our faith keep us true to the Lord, thereby preventing corruption to ever enter our minds, but the corporations and companies that are supposedly doing the corrupting are also innocent, for everyone knows the invisible hand that drives capitalism is the hand of God, thus keeping corporations and their leaders true and good. And we ARE being vigilant. But we must remain so until it is understood by ever man, woman, and child in this country and the rest of the world that we are a Christian nation.


Anonymous Matthew said...

Unfortunately, they'll never reinstate Christianity back into American routine. Too many religions and cultures live here; promoting Christianity would be rude and biased. If we reinstate one religion, we have reinstate the rest. It would cause too much conflict in a country that promises equality to all people.

2:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd also point out that Christianity is not illegal in schools, nor is it in any way restricted in those I've been to in the way you seem to think. The activist judges you are defaming, at least from what I've seen, are simply preventing the schools themselves from forcing people to participate in Christianity. I think it's wrong to force people like that, but you don't seem to. *shrugs shoulders*

11:37 AM  

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