Saturday, March 18, 2006

Muslims May Be Evil, But They're Also Good

I know Islam is a corruption of faith and God, and when the end times come Muslims the world over will join the ranks of Satan and attempt to enslave the Christians that were not raptured up; and I know these Muslims will suffer an eternity of hellfire for their evils; and based on what I know, I would like nothing more than a crusading army to spread the true word of God; however, as the Iraq war has shown, secularists here in God's country use the various and powerful tools at their disposal -- witchcraft, drugs, feminism, homosexuality, polygamy, bestiality, abortion and rock music -- to thwart the most powerful army on earth, limiting its effectiveness against the enemy and refusing to use it as a tool to achieve the will of God and bring peace to the entire Middle East by spreading Christianity with bombs. And this, while being a great disappointment to me and all true Christians, is the reality that I've accepted. Since we have to live with Islam and Islam has to live with Christianity, I think it is incumbent upon us to find a way to peacefully co-exist, rather than waste the time, money, and effort attacking one another. One place to start is to examine our similarities. To this end, I am happy to report that Islam also hates homosexuality. In fact, one of the most respected Islamic leaders, Grand Ayatollah Al ali-Sistani, recently issued a fatwa saying they should be killed in the most severe way. And luckily, the US government and Iran have been diligent in keeping gays out of the UN. We can also look to Islam for the proper role of women in society. Recognizing the true nature of women as corrupters of men and whores, Islam demands women cover themselves, lest they be stoned. And in some countries, women are not allowed to drive, even golf carts. And, I think, a lot can be learned from Sharia law. Husbands, for example, can beat their wives for disobedience. Amputating alternate limbs and crucifixion are blessed as good punishments. And these are just starting points. In time, if enough trust can be built between the two religions, perhaps we can work together to rid the earth of corrupting influences. And perhaps by working so closely, we can convince Muslims that the only path to salvation is through the Bible, through the Lord Jesus Christ, just as spreading capitalism to places like China has improved their human rights record and taught them the joys of democracy. I know, it seems far fetched. But we have to start somewhere.


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