Thursday, March 23, 2006

Mothers Who Sin Have Deformed Babies

I recently found this striking example of the liberal media at work. To the untrained eye or to the eye of a Devil sympathizer, the article may seem rather innocuous. After all, what's so bad about reporting on a study regarding deformed babies born to Arab-American mothers, especially one that postulates the deformities are due to stress suffered because of anti-Muslim feeling after 9/11? Well I'll tell you: this reporting is meant to disguise the true reasons Muslim women have deformed children: God is punishing them for refusing to accept His son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The liberal media excels at such tricks, attempting to disguise the wrath of God so that they may help the Devil in his leading of America down a path of eternal hellfire. In fact, in almost all instances of the media touting some study about the horrors of some politically correct cause of theirs, you can be sure that the nature of the people they are writing about is one of abject sin and evil. Rather than read with horror at the plight of these poor people, we should rejoice at the fact that God has appeared to make sinners suffer, for He is truly a wondrous and Almighty being. I would also like to point out that these studies are coming out more and more frequently which is proof the end times are quickly approaching. For one did not used to read so many "awful" studies; it is a recent phenomenon, reflecting God's anger with the Devil's penetration of humanity. So don't be surprised to one day read about Muslims and homosexuals spontaneously combusting or contracting some horrible new disease.


Anonymous Addicus Thornton said...

there is nothing wrong with the muslims, without such people to spread hate i wouldn't know how good of a person i am. It relieves me to know that i can easily point out all those who will die a terrible terrible death in hell. Of course its not just muslims, but gays, unitarians, several sects of batists-southern, not first, and all the rest of you who do not obey the word of god as he is preached. This site is a true inspiration for the future and should be read in every school in the great state of Kentucky

4:24 PM  
Anonymous Matthew said...

You are a bigot.

Not everything that's not in the bible is Satan's work. Science is basically "math for the universe." God could still create the universe, the sun, the earth, the moon, but instead of the flat "BOOM! Creation" It could be more like the planting of the seed: you watch it grow and change. Also, even god can expieriment. Didn't like the dinosaurs? Let's start over and do something different.

You rely too much on the Bible. It is the biggest book of metaphors in existence. You believe the only answers are in the bible, and only in the BIBLE. Everything else is HELL. So what happens to the little children who've never heard of Christianity. Are they condemned to hell?

You've made God into Hitler. You place judgement on everyone. According to you, EVERYONE who has ever lived and ever WILL live, is condemed to hell. What makes you worthy of judging someone?

5:20 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

matthew -- you are a confused sinner who's lost on a dark path toward eternal damnation. of course all answers to everything can be found in the Bible. science and math are the tools of the Devil. he put them here to trick us into thinking science is stronger than faith, into worshipping at the alter of technology rather than where our heart and soul belong -- with Jesus. even people who would normally be good christians get tricked by facination with math and science. yes, they go to church every sunday and pray to Jesus, but because their minds have been corrupted by the devil, they inevitably make a wrong decision that leads them down a path toward hell.

as for your question about people who've never heard of christianity, the answer lay in the Bible (I believe the Book of Revelation), where Jesus goes beneath the earth and preaches to the dead so that they may be saved.

and finally, i think you confuse my warnings with judgment. God, of course, will be the judge; I merely point out things that contradict the Bible. since i know the Bible is the word of God, it is my duty and right as a Christian to try to stem the tide of sin affecting me, my family, and community.

5:42 PM  
Anonymous matthew said...

God is not sadistic enough to punish a child for someone else's sins. If the woman's that much of a sinner, she'd throw the baby in the trash.

In response to your statement- you have just condemned everyone you've ever known. You, your family, your friends- you've alienated a book that has been twisted and corrupted to the point of insanity. I does not matter what your faith is- just that you HAVE faith in the greater good, and of God.

You have been blindsided by the corruption of humanity, and because of that you have misread the true message. It says in the bible that the real sin is EXTREMITY. You are supposed to live life in moderation, and do nothing in extreme but love God. However, it also states to be careful how you do this, for it can easily become hypocracy- a hellworthy sin.

5:20 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

matthew -- i highly doubt your creditials as theologist. the very fact you say all that matters is having faith in the greater good and God is testiment to your lack of christian credentials. you, in fact, are a moral relativist. so when you tell me that the bible says "extremity" is a sin, i am overcome with doubt in your interpretation. was it extreme when God commanded moses to kill all the women and children in certain heathen villages? is it extreme that locusts with faces and hair like a woman's and scorpion tails are going to be sent up from a pit of hell and sting all those with the mark of the beast? i think not.

5:31 PM  
Anonymous matthew said...

Nathaniel- I highly doubt your creditials as a good person. You are a Christian, yes. You've taken the Bible in, yes. I won't doubt that.

But you forget, the Bible was still made by man's hands- God's message or not. Thousands of monks have copied the Bible over hundreds of years, you don't think there's a corrupt one in the bunch that would edit it to what they like? That's just plain gullability!

Could you actually kill a six-month old baby because the bible tells you to?

5:49 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

matthew -- man may have assembled the bible, but it was via divine guidance. it is a truly perfect record of God's will. so while thousands of monks or if even thousands of illiterates put the bible together, it was at the behest of God, so it is infalliable. and if the bible told me to kill a six month old baby, i would; however, the bible asks no such thing and if it did, it most likely wouldn't be the word of God. i could, however, foresee God asking me as an individual to do such a thing, if only to test my faith in Him. But unfortunately, i, unlike, have not had a direct conversation with God. but i pray for it.

5:58 PM  
Anonymous Matthew said...

So God's word has never been misused?

1) 9/11? The muslims wanted to show the word of God, believing Americans were sinners?
2) World war 2? The belief eradication of the minor races because it was "God's will?"
3) Slavery? The catholic funding of the slave trade?
4) KKK? Black men were made by the devil?

Should I go on?

6:11 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

matthew -- you can go on and on and on, but i've never argued that the bible isn't misused. i only said that those who transcribed it may have been men, but they were led by God. the examples you site are of groups who aren't truly christian.

6:56 PM  

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