Tuesday, March 28, 2006

If Iran Can, Why Can't We

I am no friend of Islam, as anyone who reads this site knows. But I have to say that ever since I've embraced the idea that we true Christians need to work together with Muslims on our shared morality (I mean, while I don't doubt the power of Christ can and will one day eradicate all non-believers/heathens, it is obvious that, as long as the Devil controls the leaders of this country, we will not have the will to do what is necessary to this end and instead will waste money and blood on endless war), I've come to respect the passion and enthusiasm Muslims show for stamping out the work of the Devil. Just look at this article and imagine the utopia that would exist in America if we could jail professors and students that spread the message of Satan, spewing forth vile, evil thoughts that support evolution, feminism, homosexuality, and journalism. Rather than indoctrination to secularism, students would begin and end each day with readings from the Bible and hymns. No more "literature," except for truly brilliant works like the Left Behind series; no more history except for history of the Bible and influence of the Devil on the world; no more political science, but that which will teach students to take back America from the hands of witches and homosexuals. And we can bring students and faculty together by holding mass book burning rallies where we cast unChristian book into the glorious flames of righteousness. And if we were truly lucky, we would all be able to witness the punishment of said students and teachers and behold as the pain drives away the evil spirits. Of course the rampant partying and pre-marital sex would be banned on campuses, although the Bible study and hymn-singing will be much better than drinking and sex, as the spirit of Jesus fills the hearts of participants. But alas, while Iran, a known sponsor of terrorists, cleanses its society, we here in the best country on earth are treated like Satan's urinal. Luckily, I see some signs of improvement. Just read this...


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