Sunday, March 19, 2006

Big Love, Big Mess

So I just finished watching Big Love, the new HBO show about polygamists in Utah. It's mildly entertaining, I must admit; however, this is not to say it's good, for while it's blessed with interesting story lines and dialogue, it's plagued by lies, it's overcome by pornography and sin. The show, you see, twists the truth about polygamy, attempting to portray the husband as this loving family man, attempting to do right by God, when in fact we know in real life this is not at all true, since polygamists, like homosexuals, worship Satan; so if the show were at all interested in the truth, it would show the man and his family sacrificing Christian babies and participating in orgies. And it is because of these lies that I fully expect the secularists and their left wing media to start promoting a polygamist agenda, starting with legalizing polygamy. Also, I was disappointing to find that the characters did not wear the special underwear that they never take off that Mormons are rumored to favor. About the only realistic thing about the show, I think, is the fact that they family is always fornicating, succumbing to the evil desires of the flesh. I was, however, pleased with Chloe Sevigny's performance. For the longest time I loved her as an actress because of her role in KIDS. It was very realistic, exposing the truth about premarital sex, about what happens to whores -- they get AIDS. But then she did Brown Bunny, which was a very heinous movie and should be burned. Her portrayal of one of the wives in Big Love, though, is almost enough to bring her back from the abyss, for it is true to the nature of women, who connive, who are selfish, and bad unless kept in check by their men.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're an idiot.

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Rain said...

You're right there really aren't enought orgies on tv.

10:48 PM  
Anonymous Jes said...

I wouldn't mind worshipping Satan. He's better looking than all the other angels. :)
And I concur.. we need more orgies on T.V!

12:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think polygamists need to murder christian babies to show that they are sinful. There mere lifestyle is appauling to Jesus and His followers. Polygamy centers around the lustful desires of the flesh, natural human tendencies that need to be surrpresed if we are to live in His image. "Big Love" portrays this family as honest people who are trying to live a normal life, and it attempts to argue that it should be an accepted form of family. It is a degeneration, and a slap in the face to the greater society of Christians. It is we who uphold the morals of our Father and it is we who make this world a better place to live. There is too much hate in this world, as shown by the utter impatience the televised medium has for Christians. Why must everything be so ugly? Why must every show be a deliberate attempt to show hardworking Christians that this world is no longer worth saving.

5:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny how almost everyone in the Old Testament, and even a lot in the new testament (aside from Jesus himself) were in a polygamous relationship.

Ohh well. Lets not let "facts" get in the way!

6:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

God's true wrath will be saved for people like you, not those you speak of. By denying all others you lose yourself, and lose the message of the lord. Twisting his words and those of his followers is the fastest way to the evil gates you so often write about.

8:45 AM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

rain -- there are plenty of orgies on tv - of sin and hate; and everyone who watches such filth with pleasure will burn in eternal hellfire. i hope you've read my story: Portrait of Hell: because then you will have some idea of the life you will have after death. if only your mother had read it to you as a child...

9:56 AM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

jes -- if you had actually seen satan, your eyes would have been burned out, and you'd be a pathetic blind person in search of God, but only able to run into walls.

9:57 AM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

anonymous 2 -- you are truly an enlightened person. i think you are one of the first to have visited this site.

anonymous 3 -- one cannot fault humanity for succumbing to desires of the flesh so early in their history. The covenant with God was so new back then. Now, however, we have no excuses.

anonymous 4 -- i believe it is you who twists the words of the Bible. It is filled with many descriptions of the wrath of God. You're victim to the liberal media, who have spent years covering up the fact that God severely and righteously punishes those who wilfully refuse to follow the Bible.

10:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just finished going through every post you have on this site, and I just have one question for you.

If Jesus loves everything, why are you so full of hate?

10:14 AM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

anonymous -- so full of hate? oh how wrong you are. i love all people, which is why the good reverend parnell and i are so dedicated to bringing them to the Lord. so what you classify as hate is really us preaching the word of God, advocating things that are commanded of us in the Bible.

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Ryven said...

Well, it's a rather stupid way of "Bringing them to the Lord." Bullying them with messages of hate and fear until they succumb? Jesus surely wouldn't have approved. You'll only get weak willed people to convert that way, only converting because they're not smart or strong enough to use their common sense, and not because they have faith, and thusly buckling under the constant self righteous brow beating you sort of people dish out. Faith should be something born of love and truth, not because some hellfire-and-brimstone preacher scared the crap out of them.
It's pathetic, and it shows your ignorance, intolerance and hate. You religious fundimentalist extremists often wonder why you aren't in power more often. It's because smart people aren't swayed by the rantings and tizzy fits of extremists.

3:33 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

Ryven -- the Lord doesn't need fake Christians who twist His words to fit their own world view. It upsets me to see those that run around with the banner of Christianity yet don't heed the message of the Bible. For example, I am often confronted by those who tout Jesus' words of tolerance and love, yet totally skip the warnings of the old testament and book of revelation.

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sooooooo why exactly d'you watch television, anyway? Entertainment is a pleasure of the flesh and a sin, you know.

2:36 AM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

anonymous -- i watch television so i can know my enemy. since i live in very God-ly community, i am not exposed to much homosexuality (there was once a teenager in my town that claimed to be homosexual, but we prayed for him while his parents sent him away to camp, from which he came back normal). it is because of tv that i am aware the disease is rampant.

11:25 AM  

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