Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Devil Put Them There

There is something suspicious going on, and I believe I've figured it out. Notice all of these scientific "discoveries" that have been pouring in of late: a 164 million year old beaver; more "proof" that homosexuality is in the genes; the ocean was steaming hot when so-called dinosaurs roamed the earth -- the list extends forever. Then I read this article about scientists creating chickens with teeth and this article about a meeting of scientists organized to show support for evolution. And it all began to make sense: scientists are creating these genetic monsters and disguising them as dinosaurs and anything else that might serve as "proof" of evolution and whatever other unGodliness scientists love. To some, it may sound far fetched, but the evil scheming of Satan knows no bounds. The very fact that scientists would do something as seemingly useless as give chickens teeth is proof of this. While to the average person it may seem dumb or another weird scientific experiment or maybe even another example of scientists' obsession with ruining God's creatures, if one considers the nature of the Devil, it is clear that there is definitely an over-reaching purpose to chickens with teeth. And that purpose is to genetically engineer "proof" of evolution and that the world is not only a few thousand years old. The 164 million year old beaver, like dinosaurs, I am sure, is really a thing that was created in the lab and then skinned with its bones left to age awhile. It will be argued, no doubt, that carbon dating shows the bones to be millions of years old, but as any one whose mind has not been corrupted by Satan knows, carbon dating is fake. It is also easy to imagine scientists using the same process they used to give chickens teeth to create homosexuals in a lab. And it is not merely coincidence that the scientists met to support evolution at approximately the same time as all of these "discoveries." Some will surely argue that I am grabbing at straws and paranoid; however, I would suggest to all of you to watch the movies Final Destination 1-3, for as they all show, there are signs we can see, maybe not to cheat death, but at least to be made aware of the evil that lurks in this society.


Blogger Chris said...

So what you're saying is that there was no such thing as dinosaurs? That seems a bit silly don't you think? If scientists are creating these animals in a lab somewhere and then killing them, and then placing their bones in the ground, only to be found again, so that people can be told that there were such things as dinosaurs, and therefore God does not exist, then one has to look at the obvious fact that, it's a lot of work for some sort of weird prank. Why would anyone do that? I'm sure you're right, there are no doubt some scientists out there that would love nothing more than to disproove the existance of God. But that would not be the way to do it. Besides you seriously can't think that becuase people have been finding dinosaur fossils since long before people even knew about DNA or genes or even molecules and atoms. What you're saying is impossible for that reason alone. Forget the fact that it's a crazy idea. Just because dinosaurs aren't mentioned in the bible doesn't mean they didn't exist. And just because dinosaurs existed doesn't mean that there isn't a God. I've read the bible and I don't recall ever reading about the Japanese. Does that mean that they never actually existed and they some scientists just created them in a lab to proove that there isn't a God. No, THAT would be silly.

You also forget the obvious fact that no one can deny. Most people are driven by money (especially Godless scientists) and if scientists COULD make dinosaurs, that would be an enormous scietific acheivement worth of a Nobel Prize (which also pays fairly well). Haven't you ever seen Jurrassic Park? People would pay anything to see dinosaurs in real life. It doesnt make sense that they would create these things only to kill them and then bury them.

Don't forget that there are scientists out there that are also working hard to prove that God exists through science just to shut up the other guys who say there is no such thing.

Everyone sees things through their own eyes. If you can find God by believing the bible as pure fact then good for you. I prefer to marvel at the genius of God's creating by studying the complexity of it's workings. By looking at how the body works, how genes and heredity works, and by how God sculpted the growth and change of the world of billions of years. If you like the seven day story then that's okay too. Because what it comes down to is not how you believe He did it, just that you believe He did it.

I'm sure you may condem me to hell in your reply as you've done so many times before, but I take comfort in the fact that I know for sure you aren't God, and that it's not your decision.

God bless.

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

please let you be fake please, oh god please let this be a crule joke all of it.

7:28 PM  
Anonymous Lydia said...

Not everything that's not in the bible is Satan's work. Science is basically "math for the universe." God could still create the universe, the sun, the earth, the moon, but instead of the flat "BOOM! Creation" It could be more like the planting of the seed: you watch it grow and change. Also, even god can expieriment. Didn't like the dinosaurs? Let's start over and do something different.

You rely too much on the Bible. It is the biggest book of metaphors in existence. You believe the only answers are in the bible, and only in the BIBLE. Everything else is HELL. So what happens to the little children who've never heard of Christianity. Are they condemned to hell?

You've made God into Hitler. You place judgement on everyone. According to you, EVERYONE who has ever lived and ever WILL live, is condemed to hell. What makes you worthy of judgement?

7:49 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

chris -- you're wrong; it's not a lot of work for a weird prank, for it's not a prank at all. It's Satan's work and he demands a lot of his worshipers. his trickery knows no bounds. if you would accept this, you'd have a much better chance at avoiding the gates of hell. And while scientists may love money, they love Satan more.

and as for your rant about people seeing God through their own eyes, if their eyes betray them, they will certainly be cut out in Hell and immense and eternal pain will follow.

and yes, you will be going to hell... unless you repent and accept the Lord Jesus into your heart.

10:15 AM  

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