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Who's Going to Hell?

I know it's been awhile, but I've been on a cross-country book tour for the last month and have been unable to write. But never fear: I am back, and, having now seen firsthand the havoc wreaked upon America by Satan's liberal agenda, I have much to say! My first post, though, is short and really more of a response to a recent comment. Here's the comment:

"Let's play a little game here. It's called: "who's going to hell?" What I will do is present two different situations (in this case, both of them will be involving abortion since that seems to be a favored topic on this site) and Nathan can take a stab at deciding whether or not the people go to hell. Sounds like fun doesn't it?

Okay. Scenario 1:
Julie is 17 years old. Her and her boyfriend (Kevin, who is 19) had been dating for just a month when they had sex for the first time. Shortly after they became sexually active, Julie found out she was pregnant. Kevin convinces her to have an abortion. At first she doesn't want to, but she is only 17 and doesn't know what else to do, so finally she gives in to the pressure, and has an abortion.

scenario 2:

Kim is a 39 year old mother of four. She finds out that she is pregnant again, and is delighted with the thought of having a baby around the house again. However, upon her first visit to the doctor, the doctors notice a problem. Kim has ovarian cancer, the doctors need to operate in order to save Kim's life, but that would mean loosing the baby. She refuses the procedure thinking that she could hold off until the baby is born to have the operation. two months later she has grown so weak that she is not only going to loose the life of her unborn child, but her own as well. she can't bare the thought of her other four kids growing up without a mother and so she has the operation."

First, I would just like to say that I like this game, so if anyone has any good scenarios for me to respond to, I would be more than happy to make it a regular thing on the site. Life often presents complicated situations that can confuse even the most righteous Christian, so this game can perhaps provide guidance to the confused. Now for my answers:

Scenario 1:
Clearly, Julie is going to burn in eternal hellfire. I know as a 17 year old it would be hard for her to face her friends as she got fatter and fatter; and going to school unable to look her best, wearing the hippest and sexiest clothes possible, I am aware, would surely force her out of favor with the cool crowd; however, Julie is the one that chose to be a whore. That alone threatens her eternal soul. Those that have been corrupted by Satan, I am sure, find the idea that a baby -- a life -- might be more important than the sensitivities of a teenager repulsive. Others, also corrupted by Satan, may argue, instead, that having a baby at that age will ruin Julie's chances of ever having a career or making a good life for herself. However, this neglects the option of adoption, which is always available. Adoption, though, is also evil. Julie should not be concerned with a career, for, as a female, her role on this earth is to raise children. Putting the child up for adoption is tantamount to denying God's plan for women and embracing Satan. I know feminists and lesbians, all having fallen prey to the ways of the devil, are angered by this truth and have worked tirelessly to corrupt society such that we are destined to one day face God's wrath during the end times; but since when have the righteous been beholden to such evil? I would also like to point out that women are responsible for original sin and the Bible teaches that the only way to redeem a woman's soul is through childbirth.

Scenario 2:
At first glance, it would seem difficult to condemn Kim to hell, given that she has hypothetically grown too weak for even the baby to survive; but, really, it is not. God chose Kim as a vessel for life. While circumstances seem dire for both mother and baby, murder is still murder. Just as it is wrong to terminate the life of someone suffering terribly from cancer and who will no doubt die in a matter of days or months, it is wrong to abort Kim's child. I know Satan has corrupted the minds of society to believe that we are not beholden to anyone for the choices we make, that we have rights as individuals, and no responsibilities to God or our fellow man; but the fact of the matter is that Kim's decision to have sex in the first place means that she must face the consequences of the decision, regardless of the threat to her life. Sex is dirty and sinful unless it is meant for producing children, and by succuming to our animal instincts we must be ready for the consequences or face the wrath of God.


Blogger Chris said...

First of all, I apoligize for calling you Nathan, it was just my internet short-hand coming out, and my habbit to shorten everything I can. I meant no offense. Also I meant to post my name the last time, but it was also a mistake in my haste.

Second of all, I have a very firm stance on abortion. Abortion is murder, and a terrible, terrible reality in today's world. I too am concerned with how liberal the world seems to be getting with "what is acceptable".

There are some things that concern me about your answer though. First of all, the idea that adoption is also a sin doesn't quite sit right with me. I know, for example, I have an aunt and uncle who are good Christian people but unfortunately are unable to have children of their own. Through God's good graces, they were able to adopt a little girl from China, who (as you probably know, was lucky not to have been aborted just for being a girl in the first place) So I'm sure you can see, why the blanket statement: "adoption is sinful as well" doesn't quite hit home with me.

As for "Kim's" situation I have two personal stories that go along with this. First of all, I have a friend who was in a similar situation and chose to have the abortion. I also owe my closest friend to the fact that her mother refused to have the abortion. Her mother was getting very sick and the doctors insisted that she would die if she had the baby. She still refused and my friend was born and her mother went on to have two other children. It's hard to say though, because I know it would be very hard for me to stick to my beliefs if it were my wife and my child's life that were on the line. It's easy to say you'd do one thing when it's not happening to you. I can't honestly say. I just pray to God that I am never put in such a situation.

The only I know for sure Nathaniel, is that I am not God, and nor are you. And since neither of us are God, no matter what it says in the bible, neither one of us has the right to say for certain that one person is going to hell or not. because neither one of us has been granted the authority to make those decisions. So, since you (nor I) have the authority then the correct answer to both of these situations is:

"i don't know, that is for God to decide"

I'm not sure what religion you are exactly, but it is clear to me from what you say that you are a firm believer in the idea that there is one true religion (and obviously you think you're in it) So i am curious: what religion are you? (or what denomination are you since there are many Christian denominations) If you don't mind my asking that is.

Thanks for your time, and God bless.

11:10 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

chris -- i definitely did a horrible job on describing my stance on adoption. adopting a child who has been abandoned or whose parents have died is, of course, a very honorable, necessary thing. what i meant to say when with my claim that adoption is evil is that putting a child up for adoption is evil.

i too share your concern that should a terrible situation ever happen to me such that i am thrust into a position where i must choose between the righteous path and my own life that i might succumb to weakness and choose my life. i certainly hope this won't be the case, especially since i am 110% sure that eternal hellfire awaits me if i make such a wretched decision.

my only real qualm with your comment is your denial of my right to say whether or not someone is going to hell. i know what the bible says, and i am a firm believer in every single word of it. i know that those that don't accept Jesus as the son of God are condemned to eternal hellfire. those that deny the teachings of the Bible have not truly accepted him into their heart, and, despite what you or they may say, will burn. when Jesus returns to reclaim this earth and cleanse it of the filth that covers it, God will raise all the dead sinners from hell and torture them himself. it says so in the Bible. as an american and a thinking man, i have the right to say what a path of sin will do to one's eternal soul. that's just a fact. and really, it's more than a fact, it's my duty; it's my duty to warn everyone of the fate that awaits those who do not walk a righteous path. if i did not, if, instead, i cared about offending the sensibilities of those who don't share my beliefs, i would not truly have accepted jesus into my heart, and will one day suffer at the hands of the Devil.

12:47 AM  
Blogger gRaPpLe said...

What if I put my aborted child up for adoption? Do two eternally hellfire bound choices make a righteous one?

4:51 AM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

grapple -- this is a good question, deserving of its own post...

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Lydia said...

From your point of view, wouldn't Kim go to hell anyway? I mean, either abandon her unborn child by abortion or abandon her born children by death. She would be no longer there to lead them from sin- a mother's death causes that a lot.

7:58 PM  
Anonymous Matthew said...

I agree with Lydia- that really contradicts itself. And since you've promoted yourself as sexist, I think I'll speak for her:

From your point of view, wouldn't Kim go to hell anyway? I mean, either abandon her unborn child by abortion or abandon her born children by death. She would be no longer there to lead them from sin- a mother's death causes that a lot.

7:37 PM  

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