Monday, January 23, 2006

Who's Going to Hell (on Jan 23, 2006)?

Someone (grapple) has asked me another interesting question regarding destination hell:

"What if I put my aborted child up for adoption? Do two eternally hellfire bound choices make a righteous one?"

No! Two eternally hellfire bound choices do NOT make a righteous one. Of course I recognize it is not possible to put aborted fetuses up for adoption. Only the truly sick would seek one. Just imagine jars of adopted fetuses on walls like buffalo heads! This is certainly the future imagined by secularists -- a world where dead babies are used as decorations. Feminist women certainly look forward to the day where they can use fetuses in their makeup products, while liberal men will collect them like taxidermied animals. This is why we Chrisitan soldiers must be united in opposing secularists. They are the Devil's representatives here on earth!


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