Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Space Shuttle Wasn't Much of a Challenger to God

Ever since Copernicus, we have been living in a Matrix-like world, where we have been brainwashed into believing in an alternate reality -- a reality where the Earth revolves the sun, where stars and distant planets exist in galaxies far, far away, and aliens exist somewhere out in the universe. But none of this is true. Just as the robots enslaved humans and controlled their minds with the Matrix, the Devil and his minions -- scientists -- have enslaved us to their evil world view. Their claims, though, are false: there are no planets out in space, no aliens for us to discover. There is no space at all, only heaven. For it is heaven that exists outside of earth's atmosphere. So when we send rockets and space shuttles in an attempt to go where no man has gone before, we are essentially breaking and entering into God's domain. He tried to warn us. This is the 20th anniversary of the Challenger space shuttle disaster, a disaster brought upon us by God's displeasure with our attempted intrusions. I know those of you that refuse to believe me will point to the Hubble Space telescope, to footage of man walking on the moon, of all types of other "proof" of the existence of space. But I ask you: have you seen this for yourself? How would you know? You've never travelled to the distant galaxies "exposed" by telescopes. The Cabal of Scientists, controlled by Satan, have merely deluded you into believing their lies. The reasons for breaking into heaven are two fold. First, it is the Devil's desire to keep man focused on everything but the Bible, to wow us with technological fetes, to convince us that the Bible could not possibly be true. The other reason is that the Devil desires to pollute heaven with beings that are not nearly worthy of ever going there. His inability to reach the gates of heaven, though, has not stopped him from tricking us into believing in the magic of science. Grainy video footage of moonwalks, of astronauts floating around in zero "gravity," have so far been enough for the weak minds tempted by the Devil. But ask you all, as the 20th anniversary of the Challenger "disaster" comes and goes, to recognize the significance of the event, and bow down before God and all His might; for what happened to the Challenger will one day happen to earth as the end times come and God unleashes His fury on non-believers.


Blogger Healyhatman said...

Have I seen it? Yes I have you fucking idiot. I've looked through a telescope and seen both Jupiter and Saturn. I've seen Nebulae.

You SERIOUSLY think that all those MILLIONS of pictures of the stars and planets are FAKE?

Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME? You're either completely kidding, or you're VenomFangX's (youtube) gay and slightly more retarded brother.

1:26 AM  

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