Thursday, January 19, 2006

Revenge Is Sweet; Women Have Half-Formed Brains

Man was made in God's image, and men love revenge. So, too, does God, who's brought His wrath down upon sinners since the beginning of time. Just look at the Old Testament, just look at today, as heathen nations are stricken with earthquakes and tsunamis and bird flu, especially sinful cities are drowned by hurricanes, and traitorous world leaders are brought to their knees by strokes. Notice, though, how women do not like revenge; their brains are such that they are practically half-formed and do not allow women to enjoy the suffering of the wrong -- or at least this is according to science, which, we all know, tends to mislead the world into following Satan. But not always. Not everything flowing from minds of scientists is self-serving and evil. And this latest information, I think, is one of those rare instances where scientists have provided something useful. For it is insight into the inferior nature of women, and yet another reason why women should be seen and not heard, relegated to birthing children and taking care of men's' home needs. Because they lack such a key response to wrong, they are unfit to be leaders, unfit, even, to experience the real world, where there is constant danger of being led astray. It is no wonder Eve was so easily tempted by Satan to take from the tree of knowledge: she did not want to offend him; the areas of her brain linked to empathy and pain were activated by the thought of disappointing the Devil. If Adam had been confronted by a similar situation, however, he would have considered the warning of God and taken pleasure from the thought of God crushing the snake for even trying to trick His loyal servants. And because women, by their very nature, apparently, are pre-disposed to evil, it is even more important that they redeem themselves in the eyes of God by having babies. It is also important that we cease to allow women to rule over us or pretend the rights they demand aren't anything other than a product of half-formed brains. I'm no scientist, but if I were to guess, the reason for the deformity of female thought has something to do with having been made from Adam's rib. Perhaps the day that God decided to make Eve, Adam had a small hairline fracture on his rib, thus leading to the mental handicap in question. Or perhaps Adam was suffering from osteoporosis or some form of bone cancer.


Anonymous Ryven said...

Mkay. This proves you're a crackpot. Getting enjoyment from revenge is NOT A GOOD THING. It stems from hate, and getting glee from hate poison's one's soul.

And honestly, if that's what sort of God you're worshipping, it's no wonder why fundimentalists are a minority. NO ONE WANTS TO WORSHIP A HATE MONGERING GOD.

3:41 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

ryven -- enjoyment from revenge is certainly not hate; it's simply the way God programmed His children to respond sin. and you are mighty wrong about "fundamentalists" being in the minority. we built this country, and we are slowly recapturing our glory as its leaders, thus the recent Supreme Court appointees, thus the abortion ban in S. Dakota, thus our caputuring of all three levels of government.

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Ryven said...

Yes. *rolls eyes* Which is why the approval rating of our current "glorious leader" and his cabinet is at an all-time LOW. Even the most devout Christians are beginning to turn away from him, seeing through his lies and his facade as a "compassionate conservative".

It's funny. Even the religious people I talk to praise the fact that he's a Christian, but disagree with the way he and the government handling things.

4:35 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

ryven -- that in no way addresses my assertion that fundamentalists are not in the minority. just because Christians -- some of them, anyway -- don't like Bush doesn't mean somehow that fundamentalists aren't the majority. and, in defense of bush, he is a great president who speaks to God. just because things like Katrina and the Iraq war don't seem to be going well, thus making people -- even some Christians -- hate him, doesn't mean he hasn't been a wonderful president. things like Katrina happened because God is punishing us. There is nothing the President could have done. And we are losing in Iraq because rather than spread the word of God, we are trying to spread democracy to a heathen country where they will only elect heathen leaders, rather than those that worship correctly.

4:51 PM  
Anonymous Ryven said...

If God is such a wonderful, loving god, punishing those who sin and rewarding those who follow his word to the T, he would have saved those killed by Katrina who were devout to him.

6:39 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

ryven -- god doesn't always reward those who follow Him, at least not on earth. they, of course, will be saved when they die and spend an eternity in complete ecstacy.

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Matthew said...

In one of your posts, you said two hellbound wrongs don't make right. Now you say revenge is good. Although the bible makes mention of the 'eye for an eye' policy, Jesus does that use that, nor did he believe in it.

And for Eve, yes that was a stupid move on her part. But if Adam didn't want the forbidden fruit, his "dominant brain" would not have taken it. Nor would he have pointed the finger at Eve and said to God "it's her fault! Her and her underdeveloped brain tricked my dominant one!"

5:38 PM  
Anonymous Ryven said...

*chuckles* That's very true. It's one thing to be tricked by the Devil. According to this site, it's very easy. It's another to be tricked by your girlfriend, holding something God told you not to take. I'd say that's more of a malfunctioning on the man's brain's part.

"No honey, it's totally true! This apple's awesome!"
"I dunno, sweetie, God said not to."
"No, this snake guy said it God said it was okay!"
"A snake guy? Okay then. *chomp*"
Satan: "Haha! Now you're condemned to wear pants and clothes! And now God hates you!"
Adam&Eve: "D'oh!"

12:23 AM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

ryven -- you've obviously been tricked by the simpsons, a show that is certainly a mouthpiece of the devil.

2:19 AM  
Anonymous Ryven said...

Whatever floats yer boat, little man. I thought it was funny. Everyone else I showed it to thought it was too.

You've gotta admit, though. It was pretty stupid on both Adam AND Eve's part. If you take stuff like this literally.

"God has to have a sense of humor. Look at the platypus." -Dogma

4:27 AM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

ryven -- i've noticed in your posts that you like to attack my manhood. not that i mind, for i am quite comfortable in my superiority and dominance over women, as well as my masculinity, in general. it does, however, sadden me when the jezebelious such as yourself are so blinded by their man-hatred and low self esteem that they're really never given a chance to come to Christ. i know you have "friends" who may re-enforce your self-righteousness and laugh at your jokes, but there is no better friend than the Lord Jesus Christ. i can't quite remember -- but were you the one with the fiance you "love" very much and he you? you really must get over your low self esteem and embrace the one true God, for otherwise it is certain that as you age and get uglier and uglier your fiance will become disgusted by the thought of touching you and leave you for someone better.

11:38 AM  
Anonymous Ryven said...

You see, you keep proving me right every time you come back with this self-righteous, faerie-tale based crap.

I don't hate men. Far from it. Most of my friends are male. What I dislike is men trying to assert "dominance" over a woman. And conversely, I also don't like it when women try and assert their "dominance" over men. It shouldn't be like that. We're all people. And it shouldn't matter that one half of the gender is physically weaker, or the other half of the gender is this or that. That only breeds hate and discordance. If you oppress someone, the outcome, whether in the short or long run, will be rebellion. Someone will get sick of the oppression and do something abuot it. That's how the human race works.

I attack your manhood, or lack thereof, because you make it an easy target to attack. Your blatant hatred of women makes it obvious that you're not secure in your manhood, and that you have to embrace belitting and browbeating the other gender until you feel better about yourself. If you have to feel like a man by constantly telling the other gender that "OMGWTF MENS ARE FUXXING AWESEM LOLZ", then you're not really a man. You're a poor excuse for a human being, and a coward. You certainly can't make a baby by yourself, and you're certainly against science doing it for you, so perhaps you should respect the other half of the baby making process, find some self respect, and open your eyes. I surely hope you don't treat your wife/fiance/intended like this. For if you do, I feel deeply sorry for her that she has a lifetime of downspeak and oppression ahead of her.

As for the "cheap shots" at my relationship, you keep proving me right on this as well. He's going to leave me as I get older, because I get uglier? Assuming I do get uglier as I age, (and most women do, there's no getting around that), and uor love remains strong, I am firmly assured that he will not leave me? First of all, as men get older, they don't exactly get prettier either :D My fiance, future husband, will have no room to talk. Assuming he does. Because second of all, we love each other for our minds, our soul, who we are. Just because we age and get uglier doesn't mean that he'll suddenly stop loving me and leave me. And I certainly don't intend to leave him because of the ravages of age. It's one of our dreams to grow old together, sipping lemonade on our front porch on the porch swing.

That statement tells me you really don't understand love. Love based on the purely physical state of a person is shallow, and mostly lust. So, if you're condoning lust, then that makes you, sir, a hypocrite.

4:04 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

ryven -- i'm not quite sure how i keep proving you right other than that your mind is warped and twisted, such that you live in opposite-land and everything that is right is wrong and that is wrong is right -- in your mind. and it is an easy cop-out to simply say that i am insecure in my manhood because i condemn women who succumb to the Devil's influence and prostitute themselves in an extreme case of man-envy.

you can say what you want about your relationship, but there will be no lemonade or porch swing for you unless you repent and severely change your ways. this requires that you birth many children and serve your husband obediently; otherwise, what seems like a fun life together will inevitably turn bad, as the relationship gets older and you get uglier. i'm praying for you, but i fear it will not be enough.

5:50 PM  
Anonymous Ryven said...

It's also an easy copout to counter everything I say with more bible-thumping, instead of an actual rebutle. Which is why debating/arguing with fundies is so easy and fun.

Also, I'm not quite sure how you think getting older and uglier = what you get for not believing in Jesus. People get more unattractive as they get older. It's a fact. Look around you. What, are you, like, 12? Because it's an argument that someone young would make. Or, an argument a man would make who has his nose stuck in his Bible and refuses to look at anything around him.

I will not "serve" my fiance anymore than he serves me. Because we're people. I'm not his servant. He's not my servant. He understands that, and also thinks you're a very sad individual.

He was reading over my shoulder just yesterday, as I was typing my response and getting ready for work. He sighed, shook his head, and called you an idiot. He appreciates the fact that I am an individual, not some hollow babymaking machine, putting makeup on and following 3 steps behind him.

Our relationship isn't all fun. We have our arugments, we've had our obstacles to go over, and we're happier for them. Nothing good was ever easy. And I'm sure there will be many more obstacles in the future, but this doesn't scare us. We know we can make it. Our love is strong, we believe and trust in each other, and hand in hand we'll face those obstacles.

Whether you like it or not, women are individuals too. They are every bit as creative, hardworking, inspirational, passionate and intelligent as men are, and deserve to be treated as more than 2nd class citizens, merely because somebody read it in a book. (A book, mind you, that's been transcribed by several different people in power over the 2 thousand years it's been in circulation.) And it severely saddens me that your blinders are so thick that you refuse to see all of this around you, and vehemently stick to a few passages in a book, refuting what you see around you.

I'm not saying that radical feminists are right. Extremists of any kind are wrong. I personally can't stand them. But I enjoy the rights other women had to fight for in the years gone by, and I won't have anyone taking them from me because their book says so.

I am an individual. I have individual thoughts, individual feelings and individual dreams. And you'd better get fucking used to it.

On another note, I hope this site is fake. Because if it is, it's reaffirmed my dedication to my fiance and our relationship. If it isn't, well, it's still reaffirmed my dedication, but it's also made me lose a bit of faith in humanity and it's future. It saddens me to know that there are people filled with so much hate such as you.

8:17 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

ryven -- this site is not fake, although i'm getting tired of saying it. you may think my ideas are crazy, but imagine how i feel when i see a society that is driving itself off a cliff, towards an eternity of hell. all people need to do is truly accept Jesus into their hearts, and nothing can truly hurt them and they have an eternity of peace and happiness to look forward to; yet, still, people give into temptation. i don't accuse you, or any other such people, of not really believing what they say and/or do.

i know you will most likely never believe what i tell you about women, for women are especially hard to bring to the light, given they were the ones who first took a bite of the apple; but will always try. after all it is my duty as a good Christian to bring people to the Lord. plus i genuinely feel sorry for you, for you are obviously a simple creature who was not given much of a chance to walk the righteous path.

and i know i've probably said this before, but the Bible, though written by men, was divinely inspired and guided by GOD. it could be transcribed into a million different languages over a million years, and it would be true.

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Ryven said...

While I agree that there is much amiss in the world, I don't agree that the way to bring it back on it's kilter is through more fear and hate. In case you haven't noticed, nearly everyone who's been to this site hasn't commented about how much love you have in your heart; all they've seen from you is your ability to hate those who don't believe as you do, and the fear that you try to instill for "the greater good".

I see no good in your words. A good man wouldn't tell his children bedtime stories in which his children are eaten from the inside by insects. A good man wouldn't belittle his lifelong companion because a book told him too. A good man wouldn't suggest that more hate and fear will surely cure this world of all it's ills. A good man would love his wife and children, lead by example, give his children the freedom of choice. A good man would treat others as he wishes to be treated.

Judge not, lest thou be judged. That should sound familiar. Just because you believe in God does NOT mean you have the right to cast judgement upon others, especially judgement so harsh as yours.

Perhaps you should go back and read the Bible. Maybe then you'd notice that Jesus' friend was a whore, who washed his feet with her tears. Or how he berated those who preached the letter of the law of the bible by fear, rather than the overall message it was intended for.

I, for one, am not a Christian. But I know, at least, what love and good is. And this site, sir, has none of it.

So, in closing, I'll go one way, and you'll go your way. I hope you have a good life, even though I might not agree with it. It's also my hope that one day you'll break out of the box you've let yourself be imprisoned in, and embrace yourself with the faith that the Bible was intended for.

9:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"wimmen don't like revenge" and you say we are blind...never heard the term "hell hath no fury that of a women sconed" means all the torutures of hell don't compare to what a women pissed off will do to you...i know you brain is small they don't smash your face in like you do to kids, attackes to the body are useless and febble attacks to the mind (and i swear wimen are brain nijas) are far worst...then angain a guess your to simple for subility

3:40 PM  
Anonymous Matt said...

Dude, God said love the sinner, hate the sin. God doesn't love revenge, the devil does and he poisons our brains and that's why we seek revenge. Jesus sure never tried to get revenge on those who crucified them

10:22 PM  

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