Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Learn From Your Enemies

Just because someone is your enemy does not mean you cannot learn from them. If this were not the case, the West would be backwards, not unlike China twenty years ago or Africa today. It wasn't until the Crusaders fought valiantly to bring the true word of God to muslim nations, encountering and learning from a much more scientifically advanced society, that Europe was able to progress out of its medieval doldrums (I know science is evil -- but that is today's science, a science that plays with genetics and evolution, a science that changes how God created life). It is time, I think, to again embrace some of our enemies ways, as we face a new threat -- not from Islam, which is so corrupt God will never let it threaten Christiandom again -- but from the homosexual agenda and women. While Islam may worship a false prophet, they recognize the scourge of decadence and filth and defend their religion accordingly. We could learn from this, not necessarily by forcing homosexuals to have hormone treatments or by stoning our women, but by also appropriately punishing sin. For gays we could use some the sinful science we have developed to force them to love the appropriate sex. Because such science promises to totally change the way a person thinks about themselves, it wouldn't even be cruel or unusual, since the punished won't know the difference. While stoning is a sin, most of the time leading to death, I find the idea kind of appealing. That is why I've been advocating shooting adulterous women with rubber bullets. It's kind of like stoning, and the public in which she has committed her crimes would be allowed to participate, turning the entire event into something the whole community can enjoy, like paintball. The fact that we would all be able to participate is, I think, important, for adultery requires healing within the community. Plus in today's society, we are all so disconnected from one another because of the suburbs, because of the internet, such a gathering would promote bonding and interaction lacking in today's world.


Anonymous Questions Suggest True Faith said...

I found a site which I think you should read where a Christian says “We can now say with considerable confidence that the Bible is not a history of anyone’s past. The story of the chosen and rejected Israel that it presents is a philosophical metaphor of a mankind that has lost its way.” This means that although we can learn lessons from the bible interpreting it as literal fact would be unwise. Also it now appears unlikely that it was given by divine inspiration. If it was then He never meant us to interpret every passage literally but to learn from the stories and take those lessons with us. There is no way of telling what part, if any, of the bible should be trusted to base our decisions upon. So we should just do what we think is right rather than blindly following a text which could just as easily have been inspired by the devil as by God. Who is to say that it really was not the devil trying to trick us into following him rather than Our Lord by planting a false bible on earth. If we don’t question the Bible’s words we will never know. Just thought you ought to know.

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Concerned Christian said...

If you were to punish women in this manner you should not enjoy it. It should be your Christian duty not a game. To enjoy this act or to imagine pleasure in commiting this act is a sin. Shame on you.

10:25 PM  
Blogger Nathan said...

I have never found something like this anywhere on the Internet before. I certainly hope you are parodying the ultra-religious, because I do not want to believe that these are your real views on life and society.

However, if this is a parody, it is cruel and not amusing. You are trying to paint Christians as being intolerant, ignorant, and backwards to the point of insanity.

I have this horrible fear that because of the amount of effort you have devoted to writing on this obscure blog, you actually espouse these views. Of course, you are allowed to have them, and write as much as you like about them, but your writing has made me feel rather ill.

And I feel that your title of "Jesus Loves Everything" is fundamentally in conflict with this hateful worldview.

10:50 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

qstf -- i went to that site and it is the most souless thing i've ever read. i imagine that the person who wrote it was a robot, his words and those of the authors whose books he was reviewing were so detached from any type of emotion or belief in any type of higher power. true belief, true faith -- these things are not something that intellectual discussions about modernist or historical perspective will ever be about to truly capture; they are simply games that "smart" people play to convince themselves of their own brilliant reasoning. i'm sure in your own head you will always be able to prove to yourself that the bible is false, that God does not exist, etc. etc., just like the Devil wants you to; but Jesus exists outside of that. in better times, you would be punished as a heretic, for your beliefs are dangerous.

10:31 AM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

concerned christian -- that's a tough one; but i will just say that i would compare punishing women to feeding the homeless. whenever we do God's work, it is natural for us to enjoy it.

10:33 AM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

nathan -- as i have said many times, i am not joking. you may be offended by this site possibly paroding Christians as being backwards, hateful, etc; but i am even more offended that you find my views -- views that can be directly inferred from the Bible, itself -- as being backwards and intolerant. For if you are offended by me, then you are offended by the Bible.

10:36 AM  
Blogger Electric Grandmother said...

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Blogger Electric Grandmother said... duh

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Blogger Electric Grandmother said...

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Anonymous questions suggest true faith said...

Just to make myself clear I do believe God exists. I just don't think that he would want us to go without questioning something that claims to be his words. We really do have no way of knowing that the bible is his words and I don't think blindly following it is going to get us anywhere. I still believe we should have faith in Christianity and God but it should not be solely about what the Bible says, it should be more about what our lives teach us for He shapes our destinies, that much is certain. I just don't want to stand before God and have him tell me that I was a fool for not questioning The Bible when it can't be proven from our history. That's not to say we can't learn from it we just shouldn't make all of our decisions solely on the Bible until we know for certain which divinity, God or Satan, inspired it. If you look within yourself for the answers I'm sure you will be surprised at how often the Bibles teachings can go against your own experiences and your conscience. So just don't let the Bibles words blind you from your own conscience and your own experiences. At least we can say our experiences were made through God's decisions.

3:21 PM  

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