Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Dr. Dobson: Thanks to You on Thanksgiving Day

Dr. Dobson, your wisdom is infinite and true. Just because Thanksgiving Day is a day for thanks, doesn't mean we Christians may let down our guard, allowing filth and abomination to further spread and corrupt our children and society as we rest. But while TRUE Christians are ready, fortunately, half-Christians and non-believers are not; and it is Dr. Dobson, in all his brilliance, that recognized this, organizing a sneak attack on unsuspecting revelers at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. As families and sinners are relaxing, tending to their children, their wives, lovers and homosexual partners, Dr. Dobson will attack, handing out pamphlets to the crowd that are certain to force them to confront the scourge of homosexuality. Blissfully ignorant children will be made to see the light; good men and women will be woken from their moral slumber; and sinners will be uncomfortable. If God is looking down favorable upon us, and the homosexuals in the crowd are driven from the city, it will truly be a day where we can all give thanks. Let us pray...


Anonymous freakydeakydutchman said...

close-mind·ed (klōs'mīn'dĭd, klōz'-) or closed-mind·ed (klōzd'-)

Intolerant of the beliefs and opinions of others; stubbornly unreceptive to new ideas.
close'-mind'ed·ness n.

EXAMPLE: "If you do not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you do not accept Him as your savior, you will go to Hell."

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