Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Canada Is Rightfully Ours

The more I read about Canada, the more I dislike and fear it; for it is North America's center for filth and sin, embracing secularism and communism the way satanists embrace the Devil, and, not only corrupting their own people, but exporting their disease of Godlessness to America, where we are attempting to build a good Christian nation and world. Most upsettingly, Canada is rightfully a part of America, and had all the cowards from the Revolutionary War not fled there to support the British, it would be today.

I bring this up now because one of our readers is Canadian and asked: if Canada is so evil, why has the US been hit with so many hurricanes and Canada none? I gave her two answers, and I will repeat them now. My first and, I believe, most likely to be true response is that God recognizes our claim to Canada, refusing to differentiate between us. Just the way we here in the US chuckle when Canada tries to assert its independence, so too does God. If that's not the correct answer, then most certainly God punishes us simply because we are worth the effort, while Canada is not. Besides, it is the United States that, throughout its history, has attempted to be moral force throughout the world, holding itself out as a good, Christian nation. So when God looks down upon us and sees how we have allowed ourselves to be overcome by witchcraft, homosexuality, and Godlessness, in general, He is especially angry. This is not to say Canada has escaped God's wrath all together.

Since America's rise to global dominance, the US has entertained the idea of re-claiming its birthright; however, for various reasons it has decided to humor the "country," instead, allowing it to think itself independent. However, at the first sign of Canada's troubles, of it's collapse into a society of decadence, it was our duty as a Christian nation and parent to sweep in and save the territory from itself, just as we attempted to do in Cuba and are doing now in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, though, that corruptible and corrupted Americans are beginning to look there for drugs, marriage, and healthcare, it is a necessity.


Blogger Roberto Shamasio said...

A few pionts here

No country belongs to any other country. America does not belong to Britain. Canada does not belong to America. California does not belong to Mexico.

As far as floods and such. Thats weather. Weather doesn't depend on how evil you are. On my block all the good christians and all the bad people all get the same amount of rain.

As for the war. Canadiens chose to be loyal to thier country. They were British, and lived under british law.

If I decided to liberate alaska, should they then revolt? Should they jion canada oe russia? Or should they reject the revolution and remain american?

The answer is obvoius. The alaskans, in spite of being seperated from the mainland by hundreds of miles would, given the option of revolt, react the same way canada did.

They would remain loyal to thier administration. A country belongs to its people. If Canadiens want to be Candien then thats what teyre be. And if Quebec wants to be thier own country then they will.

We believe freedom is the greatest ideal, and will not go aainst jesus's teachings and kill people who desire to be free.

6:31 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

roberto -- you obviously also beleive that the UN is good organization and not the nefarious, evil group that will eventually give rise to the Antichrist. a country belongs to whomever can take it. we conquered the native americans, we took half of Mexico, and we can take Canada. it does not matter what people want if it is not in the name of Jesus. canada has not only denied Jesus, but is leading Americans into temptation, and exporting its filth into our country. plus it is rightfully ours. our claim to canada is equal to China's claim to Taiwan. your precious global community recognizes China's right; therefore it should recognize ours.

but despite your flawed arguments, i am pleased to see you like Pulp. Pulp is a great band.

6:46 PM  
Blogger Des said...

Yes, the US has certainly tried to put a stop to evil throughout history. May I remind you that it refused to help fight against Hitler until one of its own ports was bombed? Meanwhile, Canada sacrificed thousands of good soldiers on D-Day so that Normandy beach could be captured and the Nazis pushed back a little further. And at this time, Canada was acting as its own nation, not as a British Colony. We did not enter the war because Britain did, we entered it of our own accord because Hitler had to be stopped for the good of mankind.

You might argue that both Americans and Canadians sacrificed in WWII, but Americans did not do anything until they were forced to. Canada saw the evil and knew that it had to be stopped.

But, anyway, I love my country, just as you love yours. Can you ask any less of me?

12:30 AM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

Des -- that is a gross oversimplification of WWII. canada joined the allies out of its own best interests, just as America did, not because they thought as a nation the Nazis were inherently evil. and by its own best interests, i mean America's. and to say America was totally inactive before we actually declared war is also false. besides massive amounts of supplies being sent to the british, there were thousands of volunteers that went to Europe of their own accord. but i'm not saying canada shouldn't be proud of its history. as a virginian, i'm also proud of my state's history. my complaint now, mostly, is that canads has been almost totally overrun by sin, and we seem to have forgotten that it is rightfully Americas and that it is our duty to bring it back into our Christian fold.

7:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure if Canada was supposed to be part of America, God would not have sent Laura Secord to warn the British troops of the unknown American attack which would have undoubtedly lead to America winning the war of 1812.

5:34 PM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

Nathaniel I have given up trying to convince you of anything. You simply refuse to open your mind to the possibility that even you can be wrong. Being a faithful Christian does not make you immune from having faulty reasons or opinions and the sooner you realize that the better. You hide behind your faith as if it is some magic shield which will protect you even from God. I am not saying that you need to agree with any of us who post on this blog but you should at least realize that we may have valid points and not assume that we are involved in some devils plot to overthrow Christianity if we disagree with you. I was going to post a bunch of proof of how the US was and has always been more active in drug trafficking but I know you will disregard it so I figured, why bother? Don't think this means I won't still pop in for a quick comment or two once in awhile but you can expect to be seeing a lot less of me from now on. I'm not sure which particular part of Christianity you advocate but I sure hope it isn't the Roman Catholics because I would hate to see them portrayed so negatively as I am of this faith. I know I am not a dedicated Christian but I don't feel bad. Experiences in my life have led me to realize that God has a mission for each of us and it doesn't always involve attending church every saturday and memorizing every line of the bible and acting accordingly. He will let me know when I have strayed too far and when that day comes it will be between me and him not any other Christian, even a pastor, because they too can misinterpret Gods will, so I don't let their opinions bother me too much. The only opinion that truly matters on issues of faith is Gods and that is something I know we can both agree upon.

5:51 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

lisa - that is a shame. for while i may not agree with you and you may be completely wrong, the point of this blog wasn't simply for me to speak the truth and convert everyone to the correct Christian way of thinking (although that would be nice), it was to invite debate. debate makes our faith stronger. your frustration has made you a quitter, and proves to me that your faith is weaker than mine. also, when have i disregarded anything? i try to respond to everyone's comments. i may not agree with whatever it is people are saying, seeing as how most have been tempted by the Devil, but i never disregard it. i see now that this blog has made complete sense to you and you are scared to admit it, you are scared to try and argue with me, because my arguments are filled with God's love and therefore more powerful than anything you, the Devil, or any number of Witches can come up with.

6:11 PM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

There are several places where you have ignored my arguments. For example, I replied to the post “Teaching Evolution in Schools = Everybody Gets Bird Flu” and you never replied. On the “Harry Potter Really Does Exist And He Will Burn In Hell” blog I made a comment and rather than commenting on it you including my name alongside Des’ in calling us witches and then proceeded to argue her point. Once again on “The End Times Are Like A Woman In Labor” I commented and you commented on the post after mine but completely skipped over the comment I made. On “The Death Penalty Is Evil” I posted anonymously so you might take my words seriously and you once again did not reply. I realize you may not have seen this post yet even though it is almost a week old so I can’t entirely blame you for that one. On “Attack of the Fetuses: A Short Story About the End Times” I posted three times in a row and you still decided to reply to all the comments but mine but you did manage to finally debate one of my comments at the end of that blog which made me feel not entirely ignored. Up until then I had begun to think my posts were invisible. But you failed to argue my second argument. So I began to notice that almost all of the comments you ignored contained logic which made these arguments impossible for you to argue without admitting something you had said was not right. So I believe you are the one who is afraid to argue because it will mean that you will have to admit that some of your beliefs can not be right in order to do so. So this is why I say that you disregard my arguments. You have only ever argued one out of all of the comments I have posted on this site and that one must have been an easy target or you would have likely ignored it as well.

7:06 PM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

lisa -- you are entirely right. i didn't even notice that i'd ignored your comments. maybe what you have to offer was unconsciously especially difficult for me to debate, maybe i assumed you were just a part of the des, kia group so assumed i could just respond to one of you; i don't know. but in any event, i apologize and just went back and responded to all the comments you mentioned. or at least tried to.

7:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nathaniel my faithful servent your doing very well spreading hate and darkness all over this blog conitue this great work....HEHEHEHE.....

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Matt said...

You do know in our national anthem we say "God keep our land" so we're not an Atheist nation, but Atheists want the God keep our land part taken out but we have refused to, so it seems we do have God. Canada is not America's. There have been many great Canadians which you probably think are evil like David Suzuki, Terry Fox, and Tommy Douglas. We also created hockey, lacrosse, and basketball, so I assume you think that's evil too

10:09 PM  

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