Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The True Blessings of the Lord

The True Blessings of the Lord

A Very Hardy and Heartfelt Good Morning to All True Christians!!!

Now, at the risk of sounding "old-fashioned" I must say that I believe in only the most traditional Christian family values. In order to return to a time of traditional Christian family values we must purge society of all the new-age, secular psycho-babble. I fondly look back to a time where society consisted of only the most traditional Christian families with values that were both traditional and Christian! Things were simpler back then. People only existed in traditional small-town Christian families, and society was like an old-fashioned small town traditional Christian family church, with values that were both traditional and Christian. Family homes did not have any of the of the "new-age", secular self-help, psycho-babble crap that they have today. Back then, there was only one book - the Bible, and a traditional Christian family home was just like the inside of a Cracker Barrel restaurant! Families were not threatened by the evil secular psycho-babble that permeates our society today.

People back then didn’t sit around in therapy sessions whining about their problems and feelings, and they certainly did not resort to secular psycho-babble to justify their failures. People turned to God to get through the tough times. And yes, when necessary a good deal of good old-fashioned hard work, as well! People back then knew the value of a good old-fashioned honest-to-God hard day’s work! Keep in mind, there’s a difference between thinking and working. Back then people didn’t think. They picked up their tools and went to work! And they trusted in the good Lord to provide, and Provide He Did! Now, I’m talking REAL traditional Christian provisions: Things like biscuits and gravy, corn bread, milk, butter, bacon, eggs, lard and Ham Sandwich, roast turkey and dressing, country style pork ribs, potatoes, and collard greens. These provisions represented the TRUE blessings of the Lord!!! They could always be counted on to get us through the worst of times. Ah yes, those were truly times that we must strive for again, with the divine providence of the Lord on our side!!! Now what do we have??!! Sushi, curry, seaweed, thai, pesto, panini, vegetarian, disgusting herbs, grains and twigs, and various other disgusting un-American concoctions. These things all symbolize the extent to which we have fallen from Grace. Who is to blame for these things? The disgusting psycho-babblers and the filthy tree-hugging hippies, that’s who! Back then, our honest-to-God hard work and faith in God were all we needed. All people want to do now is hug trees, while eating grains and twigs or sit around all day in "new-age" therapy sessions eating Sushi and talking about feelings. Woe is me! Oh woe is me!!! How very far from grace society has fallen. But we will not loose heart! We will continue our fight against the secular ways of the world as Soldiers of the Lord!!! Onward Christian Soldiers! Onward!!!


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May the Blessings of the Lord be with you and your family, always!

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