Monday, October 24, 2005

Jesus Was Black, Rosa Parks Is Dead

Rosa Parks, angel of the civil rights movement, has died. The woman was a saint, standing up for rights as an African American in the 50's and refusing in the 90's to be used for evil, disallowing her name to be associated with the filth that is hip hop. It is important that what Rosa Parks stands for is remembered, not, though, because blacks are still slaves or treated as second class citizens, but because Jesus was black. This is important, because every time I see a picture of Jesus, I cringe, noting the way he is painted as some sort of biblical hippie, somebody that this day and age would go around smoking pot and protesting the World Bank or the destruction of the rain force -- in other words somebody engaged in sin and who should be condemned as such, kept in a cage or be-tongued so that he cannot pollute the world with self indulgence. I've heard it argued that it does not matter what Jesus looked like, that the truly important thing is his message; and while I don't disagree that it is his message that counts, that will lead us from eternal hellfire into a an everlasting Heaven, it is also important that our false image of him doesn't lead us to false conclusions or assumptions. Just imagine the satisfaction hippies -- dirty, decadent, sinful hippies -- must get when they look at themselves in the mirror and see the same hair and beard as Jesus. And racists! Racists often comfort themselves with the thought that Jesus was also white, thereby making them superior to other races. Jesus did not look like that! Imagine the look on the faces of these twin girls (the so called "Olsen Twins of the White Nationalist Movemet") if they were to be confronted by the reality that Jesus was black. Perhaps they would not be so proud of their white heritage; perhaps they'd accept that their hatred is evil and repent. If they didn't, then they could be punished, bathed in permanent black ink or tattooed entirely in black. Then they would indentify -- maybe, hopefully -- with the suffering Rosa Parks had to endure.


Blogger Roberto Shamasio said...

I would question wether jesus was black simply becouse my family is from the region where jesus was born and we aern't black and there are not any black people there.

arabs are not balcks.

8:21 AM  
Anonymous Matt said...

I don't think Jesus was black as in African. I don't think his skin colour was like MLK's or Obama's, but more like a Jew that lived 2000 years ago. My guess is his skin would have been darker than mine, but more like an arab

12:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my guess is that Jesus is a made up fictional character just like god and doesnt exist

9:44 PM  

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